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Ashcroft  [no Lancashire Aero Club Please]   25 May 2022
 ransoming,  BAAC incompetence,  CAA inexperienceFail .. Learn .. Win

A British scandal? CPS says apply pressure re: LAC non compliant ops: Day 2039

Stop an accident no one notices .. Fail there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention

UK CAA's Kate Staples a perpetual abyss of incompetence or just a bad dream

Ashcroft road users ask Stephen Hillier's Un-Civil Aviation Authority.. what's going on?

CAA reacts to recordings proving their employee is lying: CAA officer with title "Principal Airspace Regulator" calls pilot & threatens to take his license away - pilot records this conversation. Lawyer of pilot subsequently calls this CAA officer questioning why he threatened to take a flying licence away. CAA Officer denies saying that a biblical three times .. before the lawyer tells him that he has his words recorded on tape.
Any Ashcroft public injured by LAC HE non compliant ops: the following will be held to account:

Stephen Hillier's unregulated CAA: ICAO non-compliant? CPS says keep up the pressure

15,000 Ashcroft road users still under LAC ransom .. from 'any type' of aircraft.

Did the UK CAA ignore established safety policies and ICAO Annex 19 safety management?

When BAAC/CAA states 'you will die' Action only taken after deaths or injuries it's a Mayday

Shoreham Inquest: will the Slippery Queen and her specialist aviation regulators attend?

Kate Staples arrived 'by accident'. Finnigan 'hoping to survive' CAA 'to become a full time Hooligan'.

ICAO [Annex 19] APP1: State Safety Oversight System. Primary aviation legislation:

"The State shall promulgate a comprehensive and effective aviation law, consistent with the size and complexity of the State’s aviation activity and with the requirements contained in the Convention on International Civil Aviation, that enables the State to regulate civil aviation"

Failure to comply with ICAO  Failure to comply with ICAO  Failure to comply with ICAO

Civil Aviation Authority please observe 
 ... ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management

15,000 road users under ransom- CAA's Paul Fraser-Bennison likes to troll for FLYER

LAC high energy non-compliant flight ops: UKs Civil Aviation Authority under scrutiny  

Ransomed by LAC's 2 Ton Focke. a CAA microlight Hooligan. and now a Paramotor Pillock

Can someone advise Mark Craine not guide his LAC Low Flying School over Ashcroft

Mort's LAC continue to ransom 15,000 road users Craine's LAC continues to fly dangerously

Mark Craine's G-ISHA grounded. The CAA needs to stop Craine's low overflights at Ashcroft

LAC Flying School [operated by Mark Craine] low flights and low orbits .. logged here

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