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Ashcroft Airfield [no Lancashire Aero Club Please] ... 08 Dec 2021
LAC ransoming,  BAAC incompetence,  CAA inexperience: Fail .. Learn .. Win

CPS advises Ashcroft to apply pressure on the LAC non compliant ops: Day 1871

LAC high energy non-compliant flight ops: UKs Civil Aviation Authority under scrutiny

 Ashcroft road users counting down the days [315] for the departure of Eric Clifford Mort

Kate Staples a perpetual abyss of incompetence or just a  bad dream

'Don't wrestle with pigs.You both get dirty and the pig likes it'  What did Ms Staples tell our MP?

Any Ashcroft public
 injured by LAC HE non compliant ops: the following will be held to account:

 an accident no one notices .. Fail there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention

Mort's aero club continue to ransom 15,000 Ashcroft road users with any type of aircraft

The AAIB calls for UK GOV to re-evaluate how the UK CAA regulates .. Civil Aviation

ICAO [Annex 19] APP1: State Safety Oversight System. Primary aviation legislation:

"The State shall promulgate a comprehensive and effective aviation law, consistent with the size and complexity of the State’s aviation activity and with the requirements contained in the Convention on International Civil Aviation, that enables the State to regulate civil aviation"

Steve Jary, National Secretary, Prospect: “there is growing evidence that the CAA is struggling to reconcile their responsibilities with the result that its historical focus on safety is becoming blurred.” Prospect’s 29-page report highlights the regulator’s light-touch “top-level principles” for general aviation – which make no reference to safety"

Finnigan under supervision? Commander sacked.  CAA's Kate Staples is 'stepping down'

15,000 road users under ransom- CAA's Paul Fraser-Bennison likes to troll for FLYER

Mort's LAC still ransoming our Community with high energy aircraft since: Nov 2010

Tony Rapson resigned when we took CAA to Court  .. RGP has now gone after CAA bust-up
Ashcroft's Witness Statement to Shoreham Inquest Coroner [Penelope Schofield]   Here

Brighton Court: An Expert report sent to Her Honour Judge Venn. CAA Kate Staples letter Here

LAC Flying School 
[operated by Mark Craine] low flights and low orbits .. logged here

Can someone advise Mark Craine not guide his LAC Low Flying School over Ashcroft

With us or against us?  Mort's LAC ransoming our public.  Craine's LAC Low Flying School.

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