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BAAC-CAA-LAC [public safety litigation on schedule - 16 May 2018]
In the interests of public safety: this website has been upgraded with a SSL certificate

Systemic corruption on an 'industrial scale'
 visit the: Lancashire Aero Club

Ashcroft-NOLAC [no Peacocks just safe flt ops21 Feb 2018 click on Red

23 Feb 2018: BAAC-CAA-LAC legal action re: public safety [fourth warning] ... HERE

 ransomed us sending 1,458 legal docs: You're either with us or against us 

15,000 Ashcroft road users relying on BAAC-CAA-LAC Litigation Day 464

16 May 2018: Enough ducking and diving from the UK Civil Aviation Authority
If they can not agree to provide a regulatory framework .. aimed at non-compliant Lanc's Aero Club high energy aircraft taking-off [and] landing towards 15,000 members of our Community, exercising their lawful rights to use our eastern boundary road each year .. then legal proceedings will commence against the UK CAA [same deadline applies to BAAC Balloonist Expert, Robert John Commander]

UK CAA violating ICAO min safety: letter to Rosaviatsia / FAA / EASA on 23 Apr 2018 HERE

UK CAA have been advised by seasoned professionals to: "Try their own Dog food"


UK CAA descibed as "A big hydrogen balloon waiting to burst" .. 
"The org itself operates in an unregulated bubble, ignoring the ethos it serves up to the aviation industry. It is widely recognised around 6+ yrs ago the senior management team were brought into an already very effective, professional organisation and have steadily dismantled it, while squeezing it in all areas so as to justify their own highly inflated salaries and bonuses."

Prospect calls for CAA to be broken up
Prospect has called for the UK’s aviation regulator to be split up, in a letter to transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, amid concerns that safety is no longer its paramount concern

AAIB G-GARB  .. Letter to the Powys Coroner / CAA / Shoreham Inquest team .. Here

How bad does it have to get before the UK Courts take over to ..  protect the public



Lancashire Aero Club: ..premier Rattlesnakes in the North West

16th May 2018: Ashcroft sues the 'org' + BAAC Balloonist for reckless behaviour


In our 8 year experience with Lanc's Aero Club there are only 2 rules to remember:

1. Don't trust in the bona fides of the Lancashire Aero Club ...and
2. Don't forget Rule One


Eric Mort: keep your LAC non-compliant high energy aircraft away from our community



Disclosure: we demand that T Rapson & K Staples disclose their conversation with our MP




[3] From a CAA employee (10 Mar 2015) 
How bad does it have to get ?

 "Soul destroying, frustrating and lack of professionalism. They pick up on the latest organisational trends but have no idea how to implement these correctly and so it becomes a box ticking exercise. There is a whole level of middle to senior management who don't know how to manage people but have arrived in their position due to longevity at the company and are now seeing out their time to collect their pensions"
Advice to Management: "They'll be too busy covering their backsides and collecting the cash to listen"

Our public safety page: It's time we brought Lanc's Aero .. down to earth 












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