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Challenger 'Individuals who know of a situation, that unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm ..
have a responsibility to contact any
authority that will manage & control that situation in the best interest of the public

BAAC's James Black and Andrew Belshaw need to reconsider their position as Aviation Experts

Ashcroft Airfield  [no Lancashire Aero Club please] 25 May 2019

15,000 Ashcroft road users have legal issues with: BAAC- UK CAA - LAC  Day 941

A Hooligan working for the CAA. A Balloonist in charge of the BAAC  just a bad dream?

Brighton Court: Expert report sent to Her Honour Judge Venn. CAA's Kate Staples letter Here

LAC high energy non-compliant flight ops: UKs Civil Aviation Authority under: scrutiny

A EWhoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters

Stop an accdident- no one notices, fail- there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention  
In the interests of Public Safety this website has been upgraded with a SSL certificate    

Mort's Lancashire Aero Club have been ransoming our Community for .. 3101 days


Kate Staples, learn from someone smarter than you [AE] "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who dont do anything about it"

Here at the Civil Aviation Authority we have a framework of values and behaviours that guide the way we workThese aren’t empty words, they underpin everything that we do

Where were you 28.11.1979: In memory of Greg Cassin [Flt 901] Letter to UK CAA   Here

The UK Civil Aviation Authority continue to mislead Her Majesty's Courts re: 
Non-compliant LAC high energy aircraft taking-off and landing towards 15,000 members of our Community exercising lawful rights to use our boundary road each year 

CAA website:“Civil aviation is very tightly regulated to help ensure the highest levels of safety. Basic international regulations are set by a United Nations body called ICAO" 



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