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Ashcroft Airfield [no Lancashire Aero Club please] .. 08 Aug 2020

Just how bad does it have to get? UK's Civil Aviation Authority.. guided by the AAIB

Kate Staples: perpetual abyss of incompetence just a bad dream or trivia?

Einstein: Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters can't be trusted with important matters

Why did BAAC's Balloonist tell a Court high energy LAC ops towards a road was .. spurious-trivia

15,000 Ashcroft road users have issues with UK CAA the BAAC and LAC  Day 1382

LAC high energy non-compliant flight ops UKs Civil Aviation Authority under scrutiny

Mort's LAC still ransoming our Community with high energy aircraft for .. 3542 days

 an accident no one notices. Fail ..there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention

Challenger 'Individuals who know of a situation that unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public'

Here at the CAA
 we have a framework of values and behaviours that guide the way we work'

Ashcroft's Witness Statement to Shoreham Inquest Coroner [Penelope Schofield]   Here

When does a reluctance to act with integrity.. become a long term public safety issue?

Brighton Court: Expert report sent to Her Honour Judge Venn. CAA Kate Staples letter Here

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