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LAC high energy non-compliant flight ops: UKs Civil Aviation Authority under: scrutiny

Mort's Lancashire Aero Club have been ransoming our Community for .. 2976 days

In the interests of Public Safety this website has been upgraded with a SSL certificate

A E“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters”

Stop an accdident- no one notices, fail- there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention

Ashcroft Airfield [no Lancashire Aero Club please] 22 Jan 2019 

Corruption on an industrial scale: VISIT MORTS LANCASHIRE AERO CLUB .. Here

Eric Mort's LAC sent us 1,458 legal documents:   You're either with us .. or against us

15,000 Ashcroft road users want Eric Clifford Mort's LAC re-housed ... Litigation Day 812

Kate Staples, learn from someone smarter than you [AE] "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who dont do anything about it"

LAC Committee 23 Nov 2010: "As you are aware whatever the interaction of the Flying and Storage rights with CAP 393  the rights you have voluntarily granted to Ellis by Deed are ransom rights.... Happily I have been able to acquire the rights from Mr & Mrs Ellis. Mr Ellis pointed out that the rights apply to Ashcroft North as well as Ashcroft Main so you can expect to see us even if you sell Ashcroft Main to a stranger... It is because we own the Ellis Rights that we were confident of being able to deliver a satisfactory deal. Of course you can sell elsewhere but any other purchaser will have to put up with us and whoever of the membership of LAC we grant licences"  Top Tip: stay well clear of Mort's LAC

CAA website:“Civil aviation is very tightly regulated to help ensure the highest levels of safety

Basic international regulations are set by a United Nations body called ICAO .. " 

"Here at the Civil Aviation Authority we have a framework of values and behaviours that guide the way we workThese aren’t empty words, they underpin everything that we do"

The UK Civil Aviation Authority continue to mislead Her Majesty's Courts re: 

Non-compliant LAC high energy aircraft taking-off and landing towards 15,000 members of our Community exercising lawful rights to use our boundary road each year  

Litigation re: actions of the CAA's Microlight Hooligan and the BAAC's Balloonist expert

LAC illegal ops: Ashcroft sues CAA / BAAC Balloonist expert: Human Rights issues

A significant number of highly trained and experienced staff in the safety division have left the CAA in recent years.The union representing safety inspectors said a significant number of its members had left the CAA. Steve Jary, national secretary, aviation, at Prospect, said: “Put simply, they are no longer confident that they can do their job – keeping the public safe. But they can’t speak out: about 30 have left with confidentiality agreements in their exit packages.”

Public Safety: Challenger enquiry: "Individuals who know of a situation that, unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm, have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public".  


16 May 2018: Letter of legal action to UK CAA CEO [Andrew Haines] ..... HERE

16 May 2018: Witness Statement to defence Lawyer Simon Spence QC .. HERE


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