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Mort's LAC 
'plan' to crash every Sunday. Cheshire Emergency services are on standby 

  • Two .... Fire Engines                                                      [24 June 2018]
  • One .... Ambulance                                                        [24 June 2018]
  • One .... Air Ambulance                                                   [24 June 2018]
  • Five .... Rapid response units                                         [24 June 2018]
  • Three ...Hazardous Response Team [HART] Vehicles   [24 June 2018]

KHF Crash (24 June): Wigan Council on warpath with LAC Committee

Heavy handed ... arrogant ... greedy ... Eric Mort's Lancashire Aero Club:

Eric Clifford Mort's LAC gave Ashcroft a Christmas Eve deadline of litigation





If you meet the Lancashire Aero Club ... please pass on our warm regards





Can the Lancashire Aero Club improve on £1,000 per landing at KHF ?


Apr: Lancashire Aero Club try to compete with the Barton Dog Show ... big mistake ..







Lancashire Aero Club: thoroughly nasty as Susan Czerski discovered

LAC members doing the work and Committee Members talking complete "Bolderson"




Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking Duty Officers for KHF

Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking new Treasurers ...




Lancs Aero Club warning: 
.. dont fly if conditions are "
too damp"


Can you believe these guys .. "Too Damp" ..  what ... even for Microlights ?

Time to bring out a LAC Committee 'heavyweight' ... it's Neil Smith




[yet another]  'Fly-In' ...  21 June  ... apparently cancelled due to bad weather

On 21 June, LAC President Tom Dugdale wrote to Ashcroft to say he was resigning with immediate effect. It was clear that he was dissatisfied with the way his club was being managed by the "malignant regime" [to quote Kate Howe]

Mike Howells pulls the plug on the Rixton Fly-in [everyone is relying on Stuart Ord]

Yet another BBQ at KHF [26 July 2015 .... Duty Dog: Mort]

The Doctor is the next 'Duty Dog'  [it appears that there is a double booking 30 Aug]

Sep 2015: John Coxon's [ex-safety Officer] Landing Competition ... ouch!

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