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KHF Crash (24 June 2018): Wigan Council on warpath with LAC Committee

Mort's LAC 'plan' to crash every Sunday. Cheshire Emergency services are on standby 

  • Two .... Fire Engines                                                      [24 June 2018]
  • One .... Ambulance                                                        [24 June 2018]
  • One .... Air Ambulance                                                   [24 June 2018]
  • Five .... Rapid response units                                         [24 June 2018]
  • Three ...Hazardous Response Team [HART] Vehicles   [24 June 2018]

Eric Clifford Mort's LAC gave Ashcroft a Christmas Eve deadline of litigation

Eric Clifford Mort's Lancashire Aero Club certainly know how to upset people: LENDF Letter

"Sir I write on behalf of our members to object to the above application for an Airfield at KHF.
Both Lane Head South Residents Group and LENDF have received a detailed presentation from Cliff Mort, Chairman of Lancashire Aero Club about their ambitions to have a fully operational airfield at Kenyon Hall Farm. A vote was taken at both groups and no one supported this development. Lancashire Aero Club has been using this site for about five years for 28 days each year. This has caused complaints from local residents about low flying and noise pollution. June 2012 a light aircraft crashed on take-off finishing on its nose in hedges next to a public footpath on Highfield Moss. There are no emergency facilities at this Airfield nor are any planned. If this plane had caught fire it would have destroyed the Site of Special Scientific Interest, its rare birds and plant life. I attach photographs and accident report. Lancashire Wild life Trust will be submitting an objection outlining the dangers to the Site of Special Scientific Interest. Even though the application is for only a small number of aircraft using the site, the one that crashed had taken off and landed at least five times during the afternoon. With this in mind, just five aircraft alone could result in 9,000 movements in a year. However, Lancashire Aero Club has around 50 members and although this application is just for 365 days flying with access road and parking, it would soon be followed with a further application for hangar and club room to fulfil their ambitions 


This Club is currently flying out of Barton Airfield and have done so for many years. Barton Airfield is fully equipped with all emergency, maintenance, and fuelling facilities. None of these are available at Kenyon Hall Farm, so they would still have to fly in and out of Barton to fuel. Barton is about 8 miles away from Kenyon so there is absolutely no reason to destroy green belt quality agricultural land and endanger Highfield Moss SSSI. 
They don’t keep to the height and flight path stated
 and no one has any control of these planes once their wheels leave the ground. They are instructed to be over 500 feet high when passing over houses and the Manchester to Liverpool railway line. However, to do this means a quite 
dangerous manoeuvre when landing that pilots have to be specially trained for. We suspect that due to the danger in landing, pilots are not flying at the correct height when crossing the railway lines. Apart from aggravating local residents this application is of no commercial value, will bring no jobs to the area, will destroy Greenbelt land and endanger the SSSI." 
[from Ed Thwaithe]


If you meet the Lancashire Aero Club ... please pass on our warm regards



Can the Lancashire Aero Club improve on £1,000 per landing at KHF ?

 Apr: Lancashire Aero Club try to compete with the Barton Dog Show ... big mistake ..






Lancashire Aero Club: thoroughly nasty as Susan Czerski discovered

LAC members doing the work and Committee Members talking complete "Bolderson"



Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking Duty Officers for KHF

Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking new Treasurers ...




Lancs Aero Club warning: 
.. dont fly if conditions are "
too damp"


Can you believe these guys .. "Too Damp" ..  what ... even for Microlights ?

Time to bring out a LAC Committee 'heavyweight' ... it's Neil Smith




[yet another]  'Fly-In' ...  21 June  ... apparently cancelled due to bad weather

On 21 June, LAC President Tom Dugdale wrote to Ashcroft to say he was resigning with immediate effect. It was clear that he was dissatisfied with the way his club was being managed by the "malignant regime" [to quote Kate Howe]

Mike Howells pulls the plug on the Rixton Fly-in [everyone is relying on Stuart Ord]

Yet another BBQ at KHF [26 July 2015 .... Duty Dog: Mort]

The Doctor is the next 'Duty Dog'  [it appears that there is a double booking 30 Aug]

Sep 2015: John Coxon's [ex-safety Officer] Landing Competition ... ouch!

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