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Shoreham [PIR] 11 Feb 2022: Neutral Citation Number: [2022] EWHC 215 (QB) [para 61 (ii)]
'The severity of the outcome was due to the 'absence of provisions' to mitigate the effects of an aircraft crashing in an area outside the control of the organisers of the flying display.'

Kate Staples put a Hooligan in charge of UK CAA Flt Ops two years before Shoreham

Andrew Blackie, senior investigator for operations, said: " the risk assessments had not been “fit for purpose”..The CAA had not established an acceptable level of safety performance for display flying.” As such the AAIB has called for the Government to review the way the entire industry is regulated by the CAA in the wake of the crash. The CAA inspected just eight out of 281 airshows in 2014, fewer than three per cent, and 18 out of 254 in 2015, including seven after the crash. It had no other means of determining they were safe other than to visit.

Kate Staples struggling with integrity: All the right notes? but not necessarily in the right order


2013: CAA: 'Aviation regulators recognise their principal duty of care to the genuine uninvolved third-party'  
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