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Ashcroft still alive [credit N Buckley] NO LAC [and] Mark Craine .. stay well clear of us

Pilots welcome [PPR] provided they've no connection with Mort's Lancashire Aero Club

Everyone is required to 1.Record flights 2.Use standard radio calls 3.Act in a sociable manner

Pilots who find difficulty in complying with the above should use another Airfield and not Ashcroft

Excuse for leaving 'untenable position' .. or is it, unable to conform to normal standards of behaviour

SR - SS webcams [Username:ashcroft  Password:camera ... select 'Single']

1. North looking Windsock [fixed] Camera  > Click-on
2. North West looking indoor Tower camera > Click-on
3. North West looking Club-house adjustable camera [temp U/S]

X No picture? Select "Tools" and "Compatibility View settings" click "Add" and "Close"

Ashcroft: a Diversion Airfield that automatically drains and lights the primary Runway

Visiting Pilots see below [FFA - no charge]

Pilots be aware that you operate from Ashcroft at your own risk & discretion

Treat our Community, like your family. Aim to clear the eastern boundary road by 50 ft

Ashcroft has been a Diversion Airfield for 40 yrs ..  LAC arrivals = expensive departures


(1) Do you have recent experience of flying into 500m grass airstrips?  
(2) If you are flying a non-microlight Aircraft, do you have more than 50 hours on type?
(3) What is .... the type of aircraft / REG /  POB ...where are you coming from?
(4) Are you the Pilot in Command ..... do you need fuel and overnight parking?
This is an unlicensed Airfield. There is a 1,200kg MTOW limit, although (when the ground is firm) this limit can be exceeded in accordance with our policy on STOL <click
In the interests of reducing noise for the local Community, there is a 200Hp engine limit [10-15% flexibility for aircraft with 3 blade props and modified exhaust systems]. When permission is granted to use Ashcroft, then any use must be at your own risk & your own discretion. The use of Ashcroft is subject to the Air Navigation Order
We would like to point out, that whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material on this website, it is the responsibility of the Pilot using Ashcroft Airfield, to take all reasonable steps (having regards to the performance of the aircraft that is being used) to ensure a safe take-off and landing at Ashcroft Airfield. Additionally, all persons entering onto Ashcroft Airfield property do so at their own risk.

Flying in to Ashcroft: 

(1) PPR by telephone or email. Minimum of £250,000 third party insurance required. 
(2) Joining procedures ('Circuits') are generally to the SW. Not below 800ft QFE.
(3) Transmit standard radio calls on 135.480 Mhz

(4) After landing please ensure you go up in to the Tower to Pay Fees and Book-in.
(5) Do not visit the Cottages by the Airfield (they are not associated with us).
Displaced Thresholds:

General Information:
Runway 31:        Not drained and can be soft, mainly in Winter, affects Group A ops.
Runway 27:           Drained surface. Approx 0.8% upslope when taking off to the west 
Summer Warnings:  Long grass outside the mown areas (about 'knee high').
Winter  Warnings:    RW27/09 is drained, try and use this runway if possible.

Airfield Security: Border Force [Manchester] last updated: January 2022

NB: All persons entering onto Ashcroft Airfield property should realise that these premises are continuously monitored by CCTV Cameras. Anyone acting suspiciously, should be reminded that we will endeavour to identify individuals who behave in a manner, not consistent with normal behaviour. We have a zero tolerance for abusive or anti-social behaviour [see below]

Name          Date          Aircraft Type    Registration             Reason 

Leopold           2016            [hopefully not authorised to fly]               Troll abuse

D Wilkinson    08/04/17         [Cheshire Flyer: now grounded]             Personal Abuse

J Atherton     Feb 2018          [hopefully not authorised to fly]                  Troll abuse

P F-Bennison 2015-19          Stinson HW-75       G-BMSA                     Troll abuse
Mike Spiers       26/01/2022      Eurofox                 G-WINO       
Anti-social behaviour
Roberts   29/01/2022      C42                       G-CMEE      Abuse + no keys returned Web Site Design Company : eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions