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Emails diverted to Police folder from Wilkinson, Atherton, Parry, Gomez & Sharples 48

Wilkinson-Atherton-Parry-Gomez-Sharples trying to beat Morts record 1,458
 [1410 to go]  

Aviation's finest '
trash' -  Wilkinson and Johnny Atherton [PPRuNE's universal experts]

17-18 July: Mort's thug 'Gomez' sends us threats [fwd:]

Sep 29 - Oct 20:  Mort's thug [Alan Sharples] pretends to be something he is not - typical LAC

You can contact "Alan Sharples" via

Despite showing every courtesy to David Cornwell it now seems that he's one of Mort's boys

PPRuNe's universal aviation expert  Wilkinson likes to send us 2 emails a day

Can anyone verify the bona fides of Mr Wilkinson [why rifle calibre '303' in his email address]
Dear John Wilkinson 
[] ..   sent on 06 March 2018
It seems that you have found an appetite to launch an unprovoked attack on myself and my Airfield
Will you be around to call 999 when LAC high energy aircraft crash into our road users, I think not
Maybe you should 'look before you leap' into criticism .. you're not a PPRuNe member by chance?
'Professional' pilots do not operate 2 Ton aircraft using illegal perf data towards a public highway 
I suspect that you've never operated anything heavier than a microlight & never owned an Airfield 
Kind regards 
Steve Billington [Ashcroft Airfield Owner] 
PS: I will not be looking at your derogatory comments on "Google reviews" 
PPS: I suggest you stop sending my wife and I 'ranting' emails .. it's unprofessional

More PPRuNE trash John Atherton [emails fwd to:]

We're eternally grateful to for his kind comments


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