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Eric Clifford Mort's Aero Club have been ransoming Ashcroft's Community for: 4021 days

Mort's LAC sent Ashcroft 1,458 legal documents. It's 1871 days since we fought back

15,000 Ashcroft road users counting down the days [315] for the departure of Eric Clifford Mort

01 Dec: Eric Clifford Mort is now the only PSC He decides where all the LAC money is spent

Corruption on a industrial scale: Why not join Mort's LAC and do some grass cutting

Mark Craine is at it again.   His LAC Low Flying School still flying low over Ashcroft

In our 11 year experience with Lanc's Aero Club there are only 2 rules to remember:

1. Don't trust in the bona fides of the Lancashire Aero Club ... and
2. Don't forget Rule One 

Mort's LAC experts in ransoming. Even with Duty Officers they're also experts in crashing

Collapse of Mort's malignant regime? The arrogance of Chris Barham: "Notice is hereby given that the rescheduled AGM will be held on 1st December. There is insufficient time to call for motions for debate or nominations to the committee at this meeting ..  any views expressed by members .. will be carefully noted"  [more likely disregarded]

LAC post AGM Committee update: Johnny, George & Firas .. destined for the dustbin

Kate Howe's comments at the 2011 LAC AGM
.. You may be aware that the existing Committee became split some time ago.

.. The majority of the Committee have been in conflict with the remaining members
.. That has never been healed and we now find ourselves in a calamitous situation.
.. The LAC Chairman is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the Club
.. We have nothing of substance to offer new members the membership is dwindling
.. The Club is now in a perilous position…  we are inert ... we may not have a future.
.. It will require an extraordinary and formidable Chairman who has drive and energy
.. They [he] will need tenacity, vision and brio and must possess the leadership skills
.. I do not know if the person who possesses these unique skills …. actually exists.
.. I fear that under the current malignant regime a successful outcome is not possible
.. It will require herculean efforts to save this Club ...

Mort's LAC have a habit of: crashing, ransoming and flying too close to other aircraft.

LAC Committee 23 Nov 2010: "As you are aware whatever the interaction of the Flying and Storage rights with CAP 393  the rights you have voluntarily granted to Ellis by Deed are ransom rights.... Happily I have been able to acquire the rights from Mr & Mrs Ellis. Mr Ellis pointed out that the rights apply to Ashcroft North as well as Ashcroft Main so you can expect to see us even if you sell Ashcroft Main to a stranger... It is because we own the Ellis Rights that we were confident of being able to deliver a satisfactory deal. Of course you can sell elsewhere but any other purchaser will have to put up with us and whoever of the membership of LAC we grant licences"  Stay well clear of Mort's LAC

11 Sep: Mike Howells pulls the plug on the Rixton Fly-In due to unforseen circumstances

LAC keen to give Ashcroft a hard time: Rixton Safety Document ignored by CAA's Hooligan


On a sliding scale from buffoonery to ransoming, how will history remember Eric Clifford Mort

A downward spiral of .. ransoming and corruption .. for Mort's Lancashire Aero Club

 emails:Wilkinson-Atherton-Parry-Gomez-Sharples-Cornwell-Connor 48 so far


Ransoming, crashing, incompetence, reprimanded by a Judge: LAC's Eric Clifford Mort




A round of applause for Mort's trolls who guided .. the BAAC Hot Air Balloon expert



'Alexa, take out the trash'   2019: Mort brings back Firas Bakir..the LAC's sex expert  

R Cavalli: Sometimes incompetence is useful, it helps you keep an open mind    letter to Mort here

Yet another crash at LAC's KHF. Third time for Mort's Lanc's Aero Club aircraft G-SKIE

After crashing at KHF 24 Jun 2018 .. Johnny Coxon has resigned himself to light gardening


Message from an aviator to Ashcroft: 8 Sep 1:03pm "I just can't believe that there are complete arseholes within the aviation community and wanted to thank you for letting us know that these types of nobheads are all around us"



Lancs Aero are once again preparing some "Winter Talks" .. starting with the Canberra

Wigan Councillor: We’re going to do our best to ensure this proposal doesn’t fly   

"A planning application to allow a flying club to expand the use of an airstrip has been called in following huge opposition from residents.
Lancs Aero Club gained permission from Wigan Council’s planning committee to use its Kenyon Hall Farm runway in Lowton 365 days of the year.
However, the planning inspectorate will now decide if the secretary of state will take another look at it due to the considerable interest from residents, with 30 letters in favour and 190 objections being received by Wigan Council"

Mr Mort: Just one of 75 objections to the LAC's disrespect for the Lowton Community

 "On Sunday the 15th May 2016 it was a designated flying day at LAC site Winwick Lane and my wife and I were out trying to enjoy our garden . During the arrival and subsequent departure of LAC planes, for the most part the pilots used the approved flightpath but at about 12.30 two planes flew directly over Kenyon Lane and my house in particular. Later in the afternoon both planes made a take off in exact reverse low flying the houses against the legal requirement of at least 500 feet. I estimate their height at about 200 feet. At about 1.30 a plane with bright red markings flew over my garden at very low altitude and on the wrong flightpath.

At this point my wife and I had had enough of this reckless disregard for the the community and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes. I therefore telephoned the LAC controller only for Cliff Mort himself to take the call. I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of LAC and its low flying unregulated pilots and their dangerous behaviour. He retorted by denying any such actions had taken place and all but called me a liar. I referred to the red marked plane that had just arrived at which point he said he would speak to the pilot and put the phone down. Surprise surprise later in the day .. planes on a different flightpath. However as the afternoon was drawing to a close the loudest of their planes took to the skies and did a full circle of the fields flying on its side. Witnessed by neighbours. For me this attitude says it all about LAC, its lack of integrity and the attitude of its dangerous section of pilots, They should be stopped from carrying out this dangerous and childish behaviour before someone is killed. Under no circumstances should they be granted 365 days flying permission"
 ... Kenyon Lane resident.

When will the LAC ever behave in a 'Bona fide' manner ?




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