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Mort's LAC continue to ransom 15,000 road users Craine's LAC continues to fly: dangerously

Mark Craine's G-ISHA grounded. The CAA needs to stop Craine's low overflights at Ashcroft

LAC Flying School [operated by Mark Craine] low flights and low orbits .. logged below

Ashcroft is logging Craine's LAC Flying School low overflights and low level orbits here:

... G-ISHA [PA-28-161]   ... flew through Ashcroft o'head [500ft AGL] 16:52 on 06 Mar 2022

... G-AVER [Cessna 152] ... flew through Ashcroft o'head [500ft AGL] 12:58 on 30 Jan 2022

... G-ISHA [PA-28-161]   ... flew through Ashcroft o'head [500ft AGL] 14:20 on 27 Jan 2022
... G-OKED [Cessna 152] ....low level orbit over Ashcroft [500ft AGL] 14:25 on 22 Nov 2021 

... G-BONW [Cessna 152] ...low level flight over Ashcroft [400ft AGL] 12:45 on 21 Oct 2021

... G-BOIL [Cessna 172]  ... low level orbit over Ashcroft [500ft AGL]  10:55 on 17 Jun 2021

... G-BOIL [Cessna 172]  ... low level orbit over Alderley  [205ft AGL] 12:31 on 06 Mar 2021

... G-ISHA [PA-28-161]   ... flew through Ashcroft o'head [550ft AGL]  10:55 on 15 Oct 2020

... G-ISHA [PA-28-161]   ... flew through Ashcroft circuit  [350ft AGL]  12:49 on 15 Oct 2020

... G-ISHA [PA-28-161]   ... flew through Ashcroft circuit  [450ft AGL]  12:49 on 11 Oct 2020

Mark Craine is at it again.   His LAC Low Flying School is still flying low over Ashcroft


Is Mark Craine's flying school acting deliberately
 .. to .. 'endanger aircraft and persons therein'

It seems the boss of the LAC Flying School is instructing his pilots .. to fly low over Ashcroft

Recklesss G-ISHA overflights. LAC Flying School boss threatens Ashcroft with 'Police' ?

CAA's Gardner-Poole [Head GA] has been put on notice to comply re: Civil Aviation Act 1982


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