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ICAO [Annex 19] APP1: State Safety Oversight System. Primary aviation legislation:

"The State shall promulgate a comprehensive and effective aviation law, consistent with the size and complexity of the State’s aviation activity and with the requirements contained in the Convention on International Civil Aviation, that enables the State to regulate civil aviation"

Implications for Kate Staples employing a Hooligan and ignoring ICAO safety directives

Prospect calls for CAA to be broken up 

Prospect has called for the UK’s aviation regulator to be split up, in a letter to transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, amid concerns that safety is no longer its paramount concern

  • Cost-cutting and an overstretched workforce at the Civil Aviation Authority have increased the risk of air accidents in Britain, according to a leaked internal report.
  • This was drafted by the CAA but never released.
  • It criticised failings, including in monitoring of flight training and licensing of pilots – and said the CAA did not have the resources to do their job properly.
  • The provisional report – produced by the CAA’s head of strategy and safety assurance at the request of senior directors (Mark Swan)– warned that the problems it identified were “those most likely to feature as contributory causal factors in aircraft accidents”.
  • A survey showed that fewer than 10% of employees believed their colleagues had time to undertake important safety activities to an acceptable standard.
  • Fewer than 20% of staff agreed that all of the organisation’s important safety functions were adequately covered.
  • It said: “Significant staff reductions … have led in some cases to insufficient access to expertise.” …. “in all areas reviewed, there is evidence that the resources available … are at minimum levels.
  • There is a general lack of resilience.”
  • The CAA had failed on all the safety inspections and checks there should have been before the Shoreham air show disaster.


Sir Stephen Hillier [Chair, UK Civil Aviation Authority] please note: Challenger inquiry
'Individuals who know of a situation that unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public'

It's unacceptable for LAC to ransom the public with non compliant a/c & wait for a accident to happen


01 May: Ashcroft writes to Sir Stephen Hillier ... reminding him of his legal responsibilities

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