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Chris Finnigan: the CAA's microlight and motorcycle Hooligan [his words]

'Sometimes incompetence is useful. It helps you keep an open mind'  Roberto Cavalli

.  Ex-Army [postal] Officer employed by Kate Staples as head of CAA's General Aviation
 Mort's LAC decided to ransom Ashcroft with a 2 Ton aircraft. Finnigan's attidude 'CBA'
.  Finnigan and Hind were told that the LAC's military AFM was not approved for civil use
.  Finnigan told Ashcroft that established CAA policies re: safety factors could be ignored
Finnigan advised BAAC's Balloonist expert that high energy ops towards our road: trivia 
Finnigan's LinkedIn profile 'hoping to survive the UK CAA to become a full time Hooligan'

Finnigan's latest report: 'sliding around the kitchen, lathered in butter & wearing fairy wings'   





Chris Finnigan .. the UK CAA's Microlight 'Hooligan' [his words]

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