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Ashcroft road users are counting down the days [149] for the departure of: Eric Clifford Mort

Mort's own Committee members ransomed Ashcroft in 2010 with their 2 Ton Focke Wulf

Jan 2011: Mort visited Ashcroft just to tell us it was our problem [nothing to do with him]

Nov 2011: 
Kate Howe launched a blistering attack on Mort and his 'malignant regime'

Mort subsequently reprimanded by Judge Grant for not taking control of his members

Mort describes several major crashes at his rented field [KHF] as not serious incidents

Mort fails to accept Kate Howe's comments .. he's responsible for the failure of his club

Mort's own club members ..still ransoming Ashcroft road users with high energy aircraft


Eric Clifford Mort LAC's belligerent Chairman since 2009 and ignored by his club

There's something unsavoury about the LAC but according to Mort its nothing to do with him

Chairman Mort's team gave us a 2011 Christmas eve litigation deadline .. not forgotton 

Eric Clifford Mort's LAC gave Ashcroft a Christmas Eve deadline of litigation


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