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Chris Finnigan: the UK CAA's microlight and motorcycle Hooligan [his words]

.  Chris Finnigan, ex-Army [postal] Officer. Appointed Head of UK CAA GA by Kate Staples
 Eric Mort's LAC decided to ransom Ashcroft with a 2 Ton aircraft. Finnigan's attidude 'CBA'
.  Finnigan and Robin Hind were told that the LAC's mil AFM was 'not approved for civil use'
.  Finnigan told Ashcroft that established UK CAA policies re: safety factors could be ignored
Finnigan advised BAAC's Balloonist expert ... high energy LAC ops towards our road 'trivia' 
Finnigan's idiotic 2012 LinkedIn:  'hoping to survive the CAA to become a full time Hooligan'

Finnigan's latest report: 'sliding around the kitchen, lathered in butter ..  wearing fairy wings'

Chris Finnigan [ex-Army postal Officer] CAA's GAU 'Hooligan' appointed  by .. Kate Staples

Just how bad does it have to get? UK's Civil Aviation Authority.. guided by the AAIB

'Sometimes incompetence is usefulIt helps you to keep an open mind'  Roberto Cavalli


Ransoming the public with LAC non-compliant aircraft: CPS urges Ashcroft to continue to apply pressure to the CAA





Chris Finnigan .. the UK CAA's Microlight 'Hooligan' [his words]  

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