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Has BAAC's Chairman Bob Commander been sacked .. due to public safety concerns?

DRK Solicitiors to Ashcroft 3:15pm 04 April 2014: "Whilst writing, I attach a copy of an e-mail that was sent by Mr Commander to Mel on the 16th March 2014.   When this e-mail was received, Mel was quite troubled by it because Mr Commander should not have been contacting her directly in this way."  

From: Robert John Commander [ordered by a Court to be a BAAC independent joint expert]
To: Ashcroft Airfield Solicitor [Mel Sumner] 16:14  16 March 2014   

Quote: "I'm sure your client is aware of the Pilots Rumour Network - PPrune - but I am not sure if you will have seen it. Here is the PPrune string on Ashcroft Airfield. As with the impression given by the Ashcroft website, PPrune is doing your client few favours.
Aviation is a very small world and, as you may be gathering, quite a gossipy one .. PPrune is read avidly by the regulators as by the flying community, so the views voiced in the forum are probably common knowledge to those interested within the CAA"

Nice work Bob: you're being sued for professional negligence we'll see you in Court

His Honour Judge Armitage: "It is my judgement that Mr Commander's comments were expressed intemperately and trespassed on the function of the Court" [who would disagree]

Beware of Hot Air Balloon experts stating that your concerns are .. spurious-trivia

Has Bob Commander
 [BAAC's Hot Air Balloon expert] lost his marbles ..are you alright Bob?

Has BAAC's Chairman Bob Commander been sacked .. due to public safety concerns?

Stop an accident no one notices .. Fail there's a good chance the whole country will pay attention

'Sometimes incompetence is useful. It helps you keep an open mind'  Roberto Cavalli 

Why did BAAC's
 Balloonist tell a Court high energy LAC ops towards a road was spurious-trivia

Does Bob need to update his website?  Andrew Belshaw is now the BAAC Chairman

Despicable that Commander tried to suppress safety concerns by intimidating our Solicitor



Bobs BAAC no Bona Fides? Why was Fairbank listed Sep 2020 [he stopped working 2019]

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