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'The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all' [Harry S. Truman]

An instructor who says flying safer than driving seems blind to the risks of flying [G-GARB]


Arclid Airfield closes at the end of 2018. We suggest students divert to Mainair [Barton]

When Mort's Lanc's Aero Club ransomed us in 2010 Arclid's Cheshire Flyers looked away

For 5 years we were subjected to intense LAC litigation, receiving 1,458 legal documents

The documents below sum up the current 'relationship' that we have with Arclid Airfield.

Ashcroft has written a formal letter of complaint to Ian Shaw [CF Chairman]

Ashcroft is receiving abusive rants from Arclid's Committee members

[normally we just get grunts .. this seems to be an escalation from Bradbury's boys]

Ian Shaw: Arclid's micros should focus more on not crashing [and] stop being abusive

Due to concerns regarding training standards and poor leadership from Arclids 'Boss'

 .. and 
unacceptable behaviour [since 2001] we regret that members of the Cheshire Flyers can no longer be based at Ashcroft [current 'Cheshire Flyers' members are welcome to remain but they wont be replaced by other members of that Club]

AAIB Conclusion: The aircraft was seen to pitch steeply nose-up, enter a steep spinning-type descent and then strike the ground. The left wing appeared to fold rearwards in the descent after a structural failure near the root of this wing, caused by upward bending of that wing beyond its design limits.
No pre-existing material defect, or significant design issue, was found. 
The left wing failure was therefore probably as a result of a high aerodynamic load, in excess of the 4g limit load, probably closer to and possibly exceeding 6g.
It is most likely to have occurred as a result of an attempted recovery from an inadvertent manoeuvre inducing the structural overload.
The cause of the manoeuvre could not be identified, but could have been due to inadvertent trim operation as there is a potential for the pitch-trim lever to be moved rapidly full‑range by accident, for which a Safety Recommendation has been made.
Other possible reasons include an event within the aircraft taking the pilot by surprise, a medical issue or incapacitation of either pilot or passenger, or avoiding a potential collision with an object or bird. Web Site Design Company : eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions