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Ashcroft-NOLAC [we don't do Peacocks]  24 Oct 2016 Click on RED

Changing the dynamics of flying in Cheshire

Sam Salt lost his ship to a exocet. I had the rare privilige of flying him around Russia in 1989.
Don't know where you are now Sam. We're fighting for the preservation of public safety


LAC started a dispute: 7 Dec 2010   LAC legal documents received so far  1458

The Lancashire Aero Club declared war on Ashcroft in 2010

50 years ago [21 October 1966] Aberfan disaster: "a catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip in a Welsh village [near Merthyr Tydfil] killing 116 children & 28 adults. The local Community had pleaded with official's not to endanger their village"

50 years later nothing has changed: The UK Civil Aviation Authority employed a Motorcycle & Microlight Hooligan to 'misadvise' an inexperienced BAAC 'Balloonist' that public safety concerns were 'spurious-trivia' regarding a high energy LAC Focke Wulf using military unapproved performance take-off & landing data on a 500m grass Runway terminating in a public highway used by over 15,000 people every year.

The difference is that 50 years after Aberfan, we'll ask Court to assess public safety risks before children and adults are killed. We assumed that this would be the role of the UK CAA, however it seems that the CAA are experiencing multiple integrity issues and will require a 'wake-up' call from a UK Court .. before someone is killed.
LAC is an undisciplined organisation -  no safety structure -  criticised by a Judge for poor leadership. Crashing on public footpaths & vehicle test tracks seems to be S.O.P 

Microlight training is now on track to commence at Ashcroft in 2017 [on a non profit basis]

Training / fuel sales / car / leisure facilities: will operate on a non-profit basis [until 2030]

Arclid Microlights: Due to concerns regarding training standards/ poor leadership/ unacceptable behaviour [over the past decade] we regret that members of the Cheshire Flyers can no longer be based at Ashcroft. Current members are welcome to remain but they wont be replaced by other members of the Cheshire Flyers group.
01 Dec:  Ashcroft will be writing to the Coroner re: G-GARB crash / CAA related issues


Eric Mort: It will take a few more LAC 'forum meetings' .. to .. sort this out

The LAC have gone out of their way to butcher our Airfield since Nov 2010

LAC won't mind if we spend the next 14 yrs giving them a few suggestions

Wigan Councillor: We’re going to do our best to ensure this proposal doesn’t fly
"A planning application to allow a flying club to expand the use of an airstrip has been called in following huge opposition from residents.
Lancs Aero Club gained permission from Wigan Council’s planning committee to use its Kenyon Hall Farm runway in Lowton 365 days of the year.
However, the planning inspectorate will now decide if the secretary of state will take another look at it due to the considerable interest from residents, with 30 letters in favour and 190 objections being received by Wigan Council"

LAC's lamentable attempts to re-write WIKI history for 2007: 'The club decided to leave Barton, due to terms being required by Peel Holdings that the Lancashire Aero Club's committee deemed to be unacceptable'

The reality: The LAC were booted out of Barton for bad behaviour and deception ..

LAC Committee 23 Nov 2010: "As you are aware whatever the interaction of the Flying and Storage rights with CAP 393  the rights you have voluntarily granted to Ellis by Deed are ransom rights. ... Happily I have been able to acquire the rights from Mr & Mrs Ellis. Mr Ellis pointed out that the rights apply to Ashcroft North as well as Ashcroft Main so you can expect to see us even if you sell Ashcroft Main to a stranger. It is because we own the Ellis Rights that we were confident of being able to deliver a satisfactory deal. Of course you can sell elsewhere but any other purchaser will have to put up with us and whoever of the membership of LAC we grant licences" ... 

'Top Tip' stay well clear of this LAC bunch

Welcome to our Public Safety page:


UK CAA: in 2017 we will ask a Court to comment on public safety concerns.

2005: Ian Weston [CAA] .. Ransom Rights "not worth the paper that they're written on"
If it takes 10 years for a Court to agree with Ian Weston's 10 sec assessment.. so be it

BAAC-CAA litigation: We predict a legal earthquake on public safety issues 


Our public safety page ... light humour added, to bring the LAC ... down to earth

Public Safety risks: BAAC and CAA integrity issues requiring intervention by a Court   

Public safety - BAAC Litigation: Ashcroft continues to collect legal evidence ..

Public Safety risks: BAAC and CAA integrity issues requiring intervention by a Court

Public Safety risks: BAAC and CAA integrity issues requiring intervention by a Court

Ashcroft will be keeping our public updated with BAAC / UK CAA litigation ... here

It's been 22 months since Eric Mort shared his wisdom in his Newsletters  




Public Safety: 
Challenger enquiry: "Individuals who know of a situation that, unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm, have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public".

Chances of 300 Tonnes of BAAC recovering & acting with integrity, or answer to a Court ?


23 Nov: we'll ask a Court to comment on BAAC - CAA suitability to assess public safety

Tom Bradbury ITN: "stop an accident and no one notices, fail and there's a good chance that the whole country will be paying attention"

UK CAA have been formally warned to be upfront re: their responsibilities to the public

01 Nov: The BAAC will be sent their final warning of litigation regarding Public Safety



WIKI: 'Systemic corruption' .. is corruption which is primarily due to the weaknesses of an organization or process. It can be contrasted with individual officials or agents who act corruptly within the system.

Kate Staples: how will you explain to a Court that your responsibilities to the public
.. vary .. depending on which Army postal 'Hooligan' happens to be in 'office' ?

Public Safety: Challenger enquiry: "Individuals who know of a situation that, unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm, have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public".

High Court Judge: LAC flight ops over Ashcroft road 'cries out' for expert assessment

Words of wisdom from Robert John Commander [BAAC Expert flying Hot Air Balloons]

"As noted in some testimonies Mr Billington was a commercial pilot and now appears to find difficulty between commercial operations and private flying ... the private pilot is responsible for his or her own actions and does not have to take into account passenger expectations or ignorance, although a passenger briefing is strongly recommended. The bottom line is that a pilot can do just about whatever he likes, including hazarding his life .. "  [based on advice from a CAA Microlight Hooligan]
Bob Commander was ordered by a Court to be a Joint [independent] Expert
British Association of Aviation Consultants - strangely silent regarding Mr Commander...

  • using illegal [Military] Take off and Landing performance data to ...
  • incorrectly calculate safe operations of a 2 Ton LAC Focke Wulf from..
  • a 500m [usable] grass runway terminating in a frequently used...
  • public highway .. which he viewed for just 30 seconds ... [ouch]

It seems that Mr Commander appears to find difficulty using the correct runway lengths
It seems that Mr Commander 
appears to find difficulty  appeasing a High Court Judge
It seems that Mr Commander 
appears to find difficulty  assessing public safety risks ..

A final warning to British Association of Aviation Consultants    will be here on 01 Nov

With litigation against the British Association of Aviation Consultants due 23 Nov 2016

This is rare opportunity for a Court to assess the CAA's competency to properly assess

  • Risks to the general public not associated with aviation activities
  • Risks to passengers in light aircraft who blindly trust that everything will be 'OK'
  • Risks to road users who assume pilots will comply with correct AFM performance

Ashcroft has been let down by the establishment .. we will ask a Court to assess this.
Particularly relevant since the LAC are ransoming our public with high energy aircraft


The owner of Alton Towers has been fined a record £5m for the “catastrophic” rollercoaster crash that left five passengers with life-changing injuries.

CAA Hooligan + BAAC Balloonist screwing up = CAA + BAAC in jeopardy


CAA / BAAC: Smiler Ride inquest "a catastrophic failure to assess risks" [27.09.2016]

CAA: be advised of the 'Smiler Ride'  litigation and your statutory responsibilities
CAA have left themselves wide open for litigation after the actions of Chris Finnigan


OK we give up. Who gave Doctor Peter Ashford the job as LAC web editor?

Every year, fifteen thousand road users at Ashcroft rely on the integrity of the CAA ...

Andrew Haines: your 'regulatory framework' contradicts the CAA's legal statutory responsibilities

LAC are ransoming our public with 'any type of aircraft'. The buck stops with the CAA

Ashcroft is attempting to 'manage risks'. Are CAA & LAC going act in a similar manner?


OK we give up. Who gave Doctor Peter Ashford the job as LAC web editor . ?

Are the LAC running out of dodgy CAA and BAAC contacts ? ... ouch .. 

The LAC have gone out of their way to butcher our Airfield since Nov 2010


Public Safety: 
Challenger enquiry: "Individuals who know of a situation that, unless acted upon with integrity might cause social harm, have a responsibility to contact any authority that will manage and control that situation in the best interest of the public".

The LAC have gone out of their way to butcher our Airfield since Nov 2010
LAC sent us 
1500 legal documents (now they'll have to endure our 1500 responses)

Tony Rapson: 'unlicensed airfields not regulated by CAA' .. please seek legal advice Mr Rapson


BAAC: public safety concerns are  "spurious-trivia'" ...  ouch !

High Court: BAAC is 'trespassing on the function of the Court-intemperate comments'


Public Safety: in the absence of integrity from the CAA and BAAC .. we'll ask a Court to intervene

In our 6 year experience with Lanc's Aero Club there are only 2 rules to remember ..  
1. Dont trust the Lancashire Aero Club [Lowton Community NB]  ...and  
2. Don't forget Rule 1

15,000 Ashcroft road users relied on the integrity of the BAAC in 2014

15,000 Ashcroft road users relied on the integrity of the CAA      in 2014

We'll ask a Court to [properly] assess public safety at Ashcroft re: LAC ransom threats



LAC sent us 1500 legal documents (now they'll have to endure our 1500 responses)


Warning: this public safety page exposes the LAC as underhand with no bona-fides 


It seems likely that a Court will spend more than 30 seconds to assess this case. 

It seems likely that the CAA will be [formally] required to explain their statutory policy
Kate Staples NB: Philip Bass [Clyde & Co] .. "what's at the end of the runway"

Are the UK CAA going to show some integrity ? .. We'll ask a Court to look into that

23 Nov 2016:  legal proceedings against the BAAC ..  in the interest of Public Safety

Due to natural wastage LAC are urgently seeking new Committee Members


Due to natural wastage LAC are urgently seeking new 'flight instructors'

Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking KHF 'Duty Officers'

Due to natural wastage LAC are urgently seeking any competent Chairpersons

Due to natural wastage LAC are urgently seeking new members [they're not fussy]




 CAA: 'Aviation regulators recognise their principal duty of care to the genuine uninvolved third-party'


Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking Duty Officers for KHF

Due to natural wastage the LAC are urgently seeking new Treasurers ...

Public Safety Level 5 litigation warning to John Wheeler published here 01 Aug
BAAC: Unregulated. Unprofessional. Use of illegal data. Overall incompetence. Confirmed biased reporting. Multiple attempts of intimidation. 
Criticised by a High Court Judge. Relied on advice from a ‘Hooligan’. Failure to comply with Court Orders. A 30 second public safety assessment. False claims re: independent enquiry. Fraudulent website assurances ....'spurious-trivia'  Mr Wheeler

There are at least 15,000 people using our public highway every year


All our road users expect that .. all pilots operate in accordance with CAA publications
Chris Finnigan [a self confessed CAA microlight hooligandeparted from CAA publications
CAA's assurances to AOPA to protect the public will be part of our legal pleadings:

CCTV evidence shows that the BAAC's Balloonist 'expert' [Bob Commanderlooked away from his duty to the court and spent just 30 sec assessing public safety risks

  • The LAC continue to ransom us with high energy aircraft using illegal AFM data
  • A High Court Judge [K Armitage] has already expressed public safety concerns
  • It's in the public interest for a Court to assess all risks [ordered by Judge Richmond]

If the UK CAA wish to ignore an act of parliament then that is their choice
Any harm to our public resulting from high energy LAC flight ops: [using illegal performance data] will inevitably adversely affect the LAC/BAAC/CAA [UK national press notified 26.06.2016]

Mr Mort: Just one of 75 objections to the LAC's disrespect for the Lowton Community

 "On Sunday the 15th May 2016 it was a designated flying day at LAC site Winwick Lane and my wife and I were out trying to enjoy our garden . During the arrival and subsequent departure of LAC planes, for the most part the pilots used the approved flightpath but at about 12.30 two planes flew directly over Kenyon Lane and my house in particular. Later in the afternoon both planes made a take off in exact reverse low flying the houses against the legal requirement of at least 500 feet. I estimate their height at about 200 feet. At about 1.30 a plane with bright red markings flew over my garden at very low altitude and on the wrong flightpath.

At this point my wife and I had had enough of this reckless disregard for the the community and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes. I therefore telephoned the LAC controller only for Cliff Mort himself to take the call. I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of LAC and its low flying unregulated pilots and their dangerous behaviour. He retorted by denying any such actions had taken place and all but called me a liar. I referred to the red marked plane that had just arrived at which point he said he would speak to the pilot and put the phone down. Surprise surprise later in the day .. planes on a different flightpath. However as the afternoon was drawing to a close the loudest of their planes took to the skies and did a full circle of the fields flying on its side. Witnessed by neighbours. For me this attitude says it all about LAC, its lack of integrity and the attitude of its dangerous section of pilots, They should be stopped from carrying out this dangerous and childish behaviour before someone is killed. Under no circumstances should they be granted 365 days flying permission"
... Kenyon Lane resident.

 Kate, thanks for speaking out with guts and integrity .. irrespective of the consequences

"Flying" events Oop NorthJul 2016 .. LAC are offering free grub

According to the LAC ex-safety officer .. Quote "The LAC BARTON FYI IN was not a great success. Despite the offer of free landing and food there were only three a/c registered as landing for the FLY IN. (Top Tip. . Will we get a better response if we offer free fuel as well?? Perhaps also offer to hire aircraft to fly In ???)"
'Top Tip' Johnny .. don't .. 'lose your throttle' .. with the LAC members





It appears that many of the LAC lack the mental robustness ... to become a 
Duty Officer 

Public Safety Events 'calendar' for Ashcroft Airfield 2016:

01 June: Polite warning to Andrew Haines [Chief Exec, Civil Aviation Authority]
26 June: Statement to the National Press re: high energy illegal LAC flight Ops
01 Aug:  Level 5 litigation warning to BAAC re: fraudulent website claims.
01 Nov:  Final warning of litigation to BAAC giving 14 days notice of legal action.
If LAC crash onto our public road this will generate additional legal proceedings

Mike R comments on Lanc's Aero: "Not my favourite 'hole'. In fact I was in the club building in the late eighties when the Max Holst Brusard came down on the motorway either just after take off or just before landing (memory fades). They don't exactly have a good reputation anyway. My vote goes your way. In days gone by (late eighties early nineties) I used to pop into Ashcroft on and off, or have friends drop in, as we used to live near Kingsley just down the road.  Keep up the fight / good work .." Thanks Mike 




LAC Chairman is beyond economic repair ... it's all up to Johnny !

27 April letter to the 
Lancashire Aero Club re: overweight vehicle ... Here

When will the LAC ever behave in a 'Bona fide' manner ?

Ten signs that you've got a bad boss ... LAC are only 5 years 'slow'


Lanc's Aero are desperate for new members ... why don't you join them ?

Lanc's Loonies are starting their new Aviation School [wish we were warned]

Lanc's Loonies are starting their new "Aviation School"

All credit to Lanc's Loonies 'Aviation School' for even attempting train Peter Sargeant   
Having issues swallowing Eric's 'tall stories' .. suggest that you click ...  Here



Level 5 litigation warning to British Association of Aviation Consultants  01 Aug 2016

In the interests of public safety all documents will be published on this website

  • 01 Jun  2016 .. Warning to the CEO of the UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • 01 Jul   2016 .. Notification of public safety concerns to national newspapers

We thank the Cheshire Constabulary for their support regarding public safety at Ashcroft


LAC: experts in ransoming other Airfields. Volunteer to be a KHF 'Duty Dogplease

Is this the end of the Eric and Johnny show .. ?

KHF Duty Dogs urgently required for the Bank Holiday weekend .. do your bit chaps !

Looks like the Eric and Johhny show are off to a flying start at KHF for 2016

KHF live status 07 May 2016 "Closed" .. LAC Treasurer is in Rio [again]


Lancs Aero Club warning: 
.. dont fly if conditions are "
too damp"


Can you believe these guys .. "Too Damp" ..  what ... even for Microlights ?

Time to bring out a LAC Committee 'heavyweight' ... it's Neil Smith


Legal correspondence to the BAAC ... 1  2  3  4  5  6  7


Hillsborough inquest: .. 
if public safety is at risk, the general public have a low tolerance for corruption, Masonic 'handshakes', old boy networks.  Ashcroft [and our public] will not relent in exposing BAAC incompetence, bias, failure to comply with Court Orders, Civil Procedure Rules ... etc. The BAAC is an unregulated organisation [complaints are dismissed without proper regard for the public]. All parties concerned [CAA inc] whether employed or retired should be clear .. if 80,000 kgm/sec of LAC Focke Wulf kills / injures or harms any member of our public using illegal [military] Flight Manual Performance data, then it is entirely possible that criminal proceedings may result

Ashcroft has been forced to bypass normal channels concerning public safety concerns:

  • Issues concerning corruption adversely affecting the safety of the general public
  • Issues concerning 'attempting to pervert the course of justicepublic safety [WEH]
  • Issues concerning providing a false argument to a High Court Judge, K Armitage
  • Issues concerning incompetent use of unlawful flight manual performance data
  • Issues concerning incompetent members of established organisations 

This directly affects past / present members/  employees of the following organisations

It's looking pretty grim for the "Eric and Johnny" show [Kate Howe's Malignant Regime] 

Isn't about time someone 'woke up' Eric ... or find another LAC Chairperson


71 pages of 'light reading' for Eric tonight [now you know what it feels like Mister Mort]
Join the premier Sheep Club in the NW here [no sheep shagging shysters at Ashcroft please]

Eric Mort: it has been said that "Treating anyone as less intelligent than they are, always backfires as history shows" ... considering that during your Court appearance, your only comments were .."I'm Chairman of the Lancashire Aero Club"  x 2  [and] "No" ... the question that Ashcroft and Lowton have is ... just how stupid do you think we are ? 

Recent comments ITN: "stop an accident and no one notices .. fail and there's a good chance that the whole country will be paying attention"

"Your safety is our first priority" [how many times have the public heard this?]


Ashcroft will be asking Andrew Haines to 'make good' on the CAA's assurances below ..
(1) The CAA provides safety assurance to the public in accordance with its statutory duties.
(2) The CAA also follows the principles of better regulation which means that our interventions should be proportionate and targeted to achieve the desired safety benefit ...

 A series of questions have been developed to ensure that we minimise the risks to those we are required to protect; that our regulation is consistent
We're focused primarily on protecting third parties from risks associated with GA activities

Ashcroft is 'managing risks' by contacting the National Press [01 July 2016]:

  • Ex-Army postal worker, CAA Hooligan .. giving advice contrary to CAA policies
  • CAA employees walking away from their prime directive to protect the public
  • BAAC 'Experts' recklessly using illegal data .. adversely affecting public safety
  • LAC pilots / leadership showing a reckless and negligent disregard for the public

Loose cannons advised by CAA 'Hooligan' advising BAAC Balloonist = public safety risk

Eric Mort: Ashcroft can only partially manage risksBad news: you're also responsible  



The Lancashire Aero Club Committee:

'Ransoming'  Ashcroft Airfield [and] attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Dangerous Flying  ... breaking and entering ... endangering the general public
Criticised by a Judge ... no official safety structure ... ditched by Peel Holdings 

Chris Finnigan  [ex-CAA] : gross disregard for public safety [Ashcroft road users]
Bob Commander [BAAC] : gross disregard for public safety [Ashcroft road users] 




09 Nov 2011: Eric's Club taunted Ashcroft: ... do you think we had given up ..

Our message to Mister Mort over 4 years later is ... kill our public = LAC bankruptcy

The LAC relinquished their rights to remain independent from Ashcroft on 23/11/2010


Expert has been found to be biased-incompetent  Litigation against the BAAC continues

Unacceptable for a BAAC Balloonist to go outside his area of his expertise relying heavily on a CAA Microlight/Motorcycle Hooligan [aviation experienced limited to 450kg]

Ashcroft has a low tolerance for buffoonish Balloonists - Microlight / Motorcycle Hooligans

It seems that the LAC will need to operate Jump Jets .. or secure a dodgy BAAC report

How many idiots can the LAC Committee accommodate ?  [don't answer that]

No wonder Johnny Coxon [ex-safety officer] has relocated the LAC funds to a safe place

Ashcroft's 'Flying' Calendar
[don't forget .. the LAC are now recruiting]

There is sufficient concern for public safety at Ashcroft to warrant extra-ordinary measures

01 Apr  2016:
 Complaint to Eric Mort concerning LAC aircraft endangering Ashcroft
01 May 2016: Level 4 litigation for BAAC .. [use of illegal data endangering our public]

01 Jun 2016: Warning to A Haines K Staples T Rapson re: contacting National Press
01 Jul  2016:  All editors of UK Newspapers contacted re: Hillsborough type cover-up
"We furnished the DPP, and Attorney General, with an analysis demonstrating the gravity of the conspiracy, We showed how the tampering exercise was organised. It was clear that crimes of perverting the course of justice had been committed"  .. sound familiar ?

Letter of concern from the Cheshire Constabulary regarding LAC ransom threats Here


No action by CAA/BAAC/LAC before 01.07.2016 = all documents sent to UK Newspapers

The UK CAA: [lest we forget] have a legal responsibilty to protect the uninvolved public
The CAA was established by Parliament 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator

The CAA's main statutory functions are:

  • regulating civil aviation safety
  • management of UK airspace while maintaining a high standard of safety
Strategic Objectives: 
The CAA's mission is to provide best practice regulation and expert advice that are independent & enable civil aviation to best meet the needs of its users & society in a safe & sustainable manner

The CAA must meet the highest standards of professionalism and integrity


LAC 'Hotshots' where is your Safety Officer?  [probably in Barbados by now] 

Captain Dave Bremner [upon mature reflection] don't shirk your responsibilities again ..

Lowton's Community ..  joins Ashcroft's Community in bringing the LAC down to earth ... 

Surely the LAC must have someone who has bona-fides and is upfront ... ouch


Volunteer for a KHF Duty Offcer slot ....  anyone apart from the LAC Committee
Grim-4-sure's LAC talk at Eric's 'Old Clubhouse' get off the ground ?  Click Here  

If you wish to fund the LAC their bank details are:- Light Planes Lancs, 16-27-11, Acc 10023549

Lancashire Sheep Club members ... and followers ... see below


Letter to the General Counsel and Secretary to the UK Civil Aviation Authority .. below

Letter to LAC Chairman [Eric Mort] regarding LAC corruption ... oh ... a waste of time !

Level 3 litigation warning letter to BAAC Chairman   Sat 20 Feb 2016 ... below


[13/02/2016] LAC moving to KHF We received 16 emails from Lowton Community
14/02/2016] Lowton response:  "Dear All .. The following link opens the latest edition of 'Elevator' in which Cliff Mort, stupidly, refers to anyone against his Ownership of his own Airstrip as NIMBYS"
16/02/2016] Lowton working flat out  to send Eric Cifford Mort a message
18/02/2016] authorities savvy to LAC deception .. Lowton 'NIMBY's'  '1'  .. Eric Mort  '0'   

'Wanafly' at Warp 8  ... away from Mort's malignant regime ... join the queue

Would you buy a house just 500m ...... from Lanc's Loonies new airport .. No
Would you buy a used car [or anything] from Lanc's Loonies? ........ er ....  No



LAC before ransoming Ashcroft [2010] ... and after ransoming us [2015]  

Will we be 
ransomed by LAC?  Will we stop informing CAA re: public safety concerns - no

LAC ditched by Peel [2007]  LAC ditched by Ashcroft [2010] LAC ditched by Lowton [2012]

Isn't about time everyone says ADIOS to Mort and his ransoming "Malignant regime"

As usual the Lanc's Loonies .. need to be .. brought down to earth

“The Lancashire Aero Club has steadily grown [I think they mean declined] to become one of the largest [err ..perhaps smallest] and [un] friendliest flying clubs in the country and continues to thrive [I think they mean ‘wither’]As of July 2009 we have our own airstrip from which to operate on the 28-day rule and full planning permission is being sought. Confidence, as they say, is high” no disputing the legendry LAC arrogance here

For 2 yrs the Lancashire Aero Club have endangered drivers on the busy A579

Time for the LAC Chairman to step aside ..and let someome more responsible take over


LAC-BAAC-CAA 'politics' are of no interest to us .. public safety is our concern

Legal action against the British Association of Aviation Consultants [current assessment]

  • A BAAC Balloonist expert has failed the Court & has produced a dangerous report
  • He's been ill advised by a microlight "Hooligan" who's departed from CAA Docs
  • The CAA are pedalling backwards to avoid litigation regarding unlicensed airfields
  • LAC is ransoming everyone to use any type of aircraft on 500m grass rwy + road
  • Ashcroft is being pro-active by adding a new 50ft road overflight guidance system
  • We've no option but to ask a Court to assess BAAC deficiencies/CAA commitment

On advice from a Microlight-Motorcycle 'Hooligan' ... a BAAC Balloonist says:

Quote: "the private pilot is responsible for his or her own actions and does not have to take into account passenger expectations or ignorance, although a passenger safety briefing is strongly recommended. The bottom line is that a pilot can do just about what he likes, including hazarding his own life, provided that there are mitigations in place for members of the public" unquote ... Balloon passengers bring your own parachutes !

Compare this with the official CAA version regarding the ANO Para 4.2 (b) 
Quote "for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property" unquote

Dave are you sure this take-off is safe -  Dont worry Eric BAAC-CAA say you're expendable

Ashcroft is trying to "manage risks" regarding LAC 'hotshots'   What is Eric Mort doing ?

We can always rely on Lanc's Loonies to cheer us up. Pre-satellite talks for a starter !
Fortunately Johnny C [ex-Safety Officer] is guarding their funds and kicking off at KHF

CAA Comments ... Aviation law ... "risk management" ... BAAC litigation ...oh, and LAC

LAC ransoming ..BAAC incompetence ... CAA public commitments .. Public safety

Lancashire Aero Club committee started a dispute with Ashcroft on 07 Dec 2010

Perhaps certain parties have missed 'key points' in correspondence so let's be clear

1. if any LAC aircraft [heavy-fast > 30,000 kgm/sec inertia] are CCTV captured overflying our public road at low level with any persons or property in close proximity, then Ashcroft will submit this evidence to the CAA and the national press [+ Witness Statement]
2. If German registered we'll pass on this evidence to LBA and request CofA withdrawal
3. We'll then ask a Cheshire Police Constable to carry out a document check iaw ANO's

4. The LAC continue to ransom us to operate their 2 Ton Focke Wulf from Ashcroft using [unapproved] military Flight Manual performance data. Even these illegal TODR/LDR figures exceed RW09/27 TODA/LDA. This is a big-heavy-fast aircraft with an inertia of 80,000 kgm/sec.
5. Thanks to a botched [subsequently fudged] BAAC assessment-we can do little about it
6. There's a road on the eastern boundary ..much busier than the Lockyear 1980's Fly-ins
7. This 72 yr old LAC Focke Wulf pilot has already landed long and crashed [on a public accessible disused aerodrome at Strettoncausing extensive damage to his aircraft.
8. Any Pilot can screw up but if the LAC depart from AFM perf and kill our Public .. ouch

BAAC on a "collision course" for legal action?   Statements below should be honoured

Mike Barnard [CAA GA] to AOPA [Aug 2013] see below  [Courts are looking for consistency]

Quote: "Regulation must he risk-based, he says – and the CAA is not there to save you from yourself. If you understand and accept the risks, you are entitled to take them. “Aviation regulators recognise their principal duty of care to the genuine uninvolved third-party. (However) the pilot of a single seat de-regulated aircraft is fully aware of his own risks and is personally responsible for mitigating them; where the risk to society is small and the participants are fully aware of any risks involved, the level of intervention need not be onerous" Unquote

BAAC Chairman comments on his experts: "Their professionalism, qualifications and experience are assured, therefore, when delivering the services you need"

Ashcroft's legal dispute with the BAAC & LAC [public safety issues] updated 06/01/2016

Q1. Is Ashcroft behaving inappropriately & disingenuously by focussing on the LAC FW
A1. LAC FW using illegal data = 5 x inertia of Ashcroft a/c [fast cricket ball-v-slow tennis ball]

 Q2. What responsibilities does Ashcroft have to manage risks to our public using road
A2. Ashcroft is implementing a road over-flight guidance system [aircraft > 450kg MTOW]
What responsibilities does
 the CAA have to manage risks to our public using road

A3CAA have stated their principal duty of care to the uninvolved public [our road users]
What responsibilities do BAAC experts have, to properly comply with a Court Order

A4. BAAC expert has not carried out his duties and reprimanded by a High Court Judge
 What liabilities does BAAC have by not properly investigating a flawed expert report
A5If BAAC endorse an incompetent / biased / bodged / fudged report then they're liable
What's the impact on public safety regarding the LAC's determination to ransom us

A6LAC should investigate the legal implications of ransoming airfields + public death
A Coroner will be asking these questions if a 2T LAC FW kills our public using illegal data

Ashcroft believe that we've a strong case against the BAAC [on public safety grounds]

Based on overwhelming evidence [including HHJ assessment] we'll be asking a Court to:

  • Order BAAC to provide an expert to properly comply with DJ Richmond's Court Order
  • Order BAAC to be regulated by a competent authority [due to public safety issues]
  • Order BAAC to pay damages to Ashcroft  due to failure to comply with BAAC standards

Level 2 BAAC litgation letter will be sent 18 Jan  LAC-BAAC-CAA-Ashcroft [all involved]

Ex-CAA hooligan [non compliant] opinions are nitro-glyercine to relatives of the deceased

SERA. 3101 Negligent or Reckless Operation of Aircraft: An aircraft shall not be operated in a negligent or reckless manner so as to endanger life or property of others

Are CAA/BAAC/LAC/Ashcroft prepared to stand upright  in a Coroners Court we believe we are

High Court Judge Armitage has shown that no Club/Authority is immune from criticism
Judge Grant instructed E Mort to act more responsibly re: actions of LAC Club Members 
Judge Johnstone advised LAC that that their case was lost re: Ashcroft gate damage 
Judge Richmond ordered a full assessment re:safe and lawful operations of D-EARY 


LAC continue to Ransom Ashcroft and our road users, so the litigation will continue

  • BAAC assurances"Their professionalism, qualifications and experience are assured, therefore, when delivering the services you need" ... a  BAAC Joke?
  • Civil Aviation Authority assurances [1]: "for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property"
  • Civil Aviation Authority assurances [2]:“Aviation regulators recognise their principal duty of care to the genuine uninvolved third-party" [CAA-AOPA Aug 2013]

If 2 Tons of LAC Focke Wulf ends up on our public road, the shit will hit the fan

For legal reasons a correspondence paper trail to the BAAC Chairman is detailed below 
We request [competent] expert to comply with Court Order + Damages awarded by Court
It's inevitable that the CAA will be asked to show consistency re: Public Safety concerns

Letter to John Wheeler [British Association of Aviation Consultants Chairman] .. 28/12/2015
Letter to John Wheeler
 [British Association of Aviation Consultants Chairman] .. 10/12/2015
Letter to John Wheeler [British Association of Aviation Consultants Chairman] .. 02/10/2015

Letter to John Wheeler [British Association of Aviation Consultants Chairman] .. 29/09/2015

Lanc's Sheep Club Chairman [Eric Mort] is well known for his foot-in-mouth statements:
Runway 26: "It would be financial folly for the Club to take on the running of the facility"

Ashcroft has a Duty of Care to our Public. Will the LAC continue to be a threat to them ?



Eric's aero has tried to trash Ashcroft since 2010 ... learn from our Solicitor .. stay clear

LAC Trustees: If you ignore Public risks [like E Mort] you will be pursued in Court as req'd

LAC: time to "wake-up" if you damage our Public ... you will [all] be sued for damages
"Where action is brought it is usually against the chairman and secretary in the first instance, the action can be extremely distressing for the club officers involved. This is a confusing area of the law and because of the lack of case law it is difficult to be definitive on the outcome of any action brought.  The distress felt by members and officers is often compounded by this uncertainty and attempts to determine what their actual liability is.  Club members tend to have two conflicting views of the position, either they believe they are not liable for any debt, or that they have unlimited liability.  As a general rule a member’s liability is limited to the amount of the subscription because when he joins a club he does not intend to incur any liability beyond his subscriptions payable under the rules.  However, if a member or officer is found liable for a debt his liability is usually unlimited."

LAC website: " the Lancashire Aero Club do not offer flying lessons"  you can see why !



The LAC want to play Russian Roulette with public safety . ..  nothing new




People searching for nutty fruitcakes  should look no futher than Mort's stooge [Peter Sargeant]

PS: Don't forget to book your seats for the Lancs Loonies winter talks HERE

As the LAC drift rudderless through space, we [all] ask: when will ERIC be retiring ?

Eric: one of your Boys is making a nuisance of himself with our neighbours ..
your club seems to have specialised in risking "Public Safety"  [don't expect any medals] 

This webpage: a candid assessment of risks to the public due to LAC illegal operations

Corruption at the highest level .. nothing new ... for Eric's  Lancs Loonies

Capt D Bremner: [upon mature reflection] dont leave your Co-pilot to file an AIRPROX


CAA NB: allowing LAC High Energy flights over our public highway will not be tolerated

Solicitor / Barrister conduct [ouch]  Coxon says .. lose your throttle .. !

 Legal irregularities passed on to Sir Andrew Burns & Kings Chambers [14 Oct 2015]
Our public injured / killed due LAC recklessness
:  a prison sentence will be pursued

Turning back the clock ... 100 years of aviation safety


The British Association of Aviation Consultants

Unregulated ... never challenged ... a recipe for disaster [by anyone's standards]

BAAC comment: "It is irrelevant that it could also be operated unlawfully" ... Ouch!
John Wheeler please explain to our public how the BAAC can sanction 'unlawful ops'

The British Association of Aviation Consultants are recruiting 'Independent' Experts

Step 1. Ensure you have a clean driving license [and some form of aviation membership]
Step 2. Take any BAAC assignment ... even though you are not properly qualified.
Step 3. Absorb Forum gossip to get a flavour of events and 'throw your weight around'
Step 4. Strut around for 38 min airside [write it up as 90 min] and take some 'piccies'
Step 5. Decide which side that you are going to back and construct a padded report.
Step 6. Calculations must be based on wrong runway distances and unapproved data
Step 7. Dismiss all public safety concerns as 'trivia' and ignore sensitive questions
Step 8. Pick up a 'fat fee' and put it towards your Jersey retirement home .....
Step 9. Rest assured that any 'in-house' panel will bury any complaints against you

You are now BAAC: Victims of your biased incompetent report will sue you.. Ouch!

A BAAC Balloonist "Expert" has used 2 types of illegal Flight Manual Take-off and Landing performance data to 'fudge' a professional report concerning a 2 Ton MTOW LAC Focke Wulf using a 500m [TODA + LDA] grass Runway with an occasionally busy road on the eastern boundary. Ashcroft believes it appropriate for this "Expert" to resign and the BAAC Chairman should also 'consider his position' for showing apparent indifference to a report that endangers our road users.

At least the Balloonist BAAC "
Expert" got something right:
 "The aircraft should be flown in accordance with the correct flight manual but the pilot is required to comply with the Rules for the country in which the aircraft is being flown. However, if there is a difference in regulatory requirement, the aircraft must be flown in compliance with the more restrictive regulation between the country of registration (Germany) and the country where the flight takes place (UK)."

John Wheelerwhy did your Balloonist "Expert" not use the performance data from the correct (Civil) Flight Manual and why did he use performance data from a (Military) Flight manual that the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt have specificaly stated is "not part of the Civil approval of the FW-149"

The Lancashire Aero Club 2 Ton Focke Wulf [D-EARY] .. must observe German Law and must .. "operate the aircraft in such a manner that no third party is endangered, harmed, impeded or inconvenienced beyond the extent unavoidable under the circumstances"

Andrew Haines: the Cheshire Constabulary has reacted positively to safety concerns


LAC Solicitor [William Ernerst Holt] 18.04.2012: "I appreciate that the owner of a German Registered aircraft is obliged to comply with the German Regulations .."
LAC 'Expert[Robert John Commander] 21.04.2014:
 "The aircraft should be flown in accordance with the correct Flight Manual but the Pilot is required to comply with the Rules for the country in which the aircraft is being flow. However, if there is a difference in regulatory requirements, the aircraft must be flown in compliance with the more restrictive regulation between the country of registration (Germany) and the country where the flight takes place (UK)"

LAC Barrister [Andrew Latimer] 19.05.2014: "
It is said that Mr Commander did not report as requested on the German air regulations, and indeed he does not, he does not really deal with that in terms of expanding on the German air regulations, and anyone who has read the court order from the District Judge knows that that was not part of his remit.  The reason, of course, that he does not have to speak about the German air regulations is the territorial one: if you land in a plane, wherever it came from, wherever it is registered, it is UK law that applies in the United Kingdom, it will be policed by the CAA - you may, of course, have a regulator back at your home airport or where you are registered, you may have to satisfy them another day, but in terms of landing at this airfield in the United Kingdom, there is one law that applies, it is the CAA that polices it."
LAC Barrister: Complaint to Bar Council 
posted by Recorded Delivery [01 Sep 2015]
LAC Barrister: additional evidence supplied to Bar Standards Board [16 Sep 2015] 
When will the Lancashire Aero Club [ever] act in a Bona Fide  and  up front manner ?

At least the BAAC Balloonist Expert [Robert John Commander] got something righ


[Apr 2014] "The aircraft should be flown in accordance with the correct flight manual but the pilot is required to comply with the Rules for the country in which the aircraft is being flown. However, if there is a difference in regulatory requirement, the aircraft must be flown in compliance with the more restrictive regulation between the country of registration (Germany) and the country where the flight takes place (UK)."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[19 May 2014] PreTrial Review [LAC -v- Ashcroft] High Court Judge Armitage sitting

The following transcipt is provided courtesy of John Larking [Verbatim Reporters]

MR LATIMER [LAC Barrister]: It is said that Mr Commander did not report as requested on the German air regulations, and indeed he does not, he does not really deal with that in terms of expanding on the German air regulations, and anyone who has read the court order from the District Judge knows that that was not part of his remit.  The reason, of course, that he does not have to speak about the German air regulations is the territorial one: if you land in a plane, wherever it came from, wherever it is registered, it is UK law that applies in the United Kingdom, it will be policed by the CAA - you may, of course, have a regulator back at your home airport or where you are registered, you may have to satisfy them another day, but in terms of landing at this airfield in the United Kingdom, there is one law that applies, it is the CAA that polices it.   

JUDGE ARMITAGE:  I suppose, for a foreign registered aircraft, it may be the foreign country to determine what the status is of any other data that is held in relation to the particular aircraft?  Or is that simply a manufacturer's ... 
:  As I understand it, the manufacturers will produce some information themselves.  The German registration means that - presumably, to maintain your registration in Germany you must keep the German authorities satisfied.  I must admit that I do not know and I suspect that few people in the room do ... 
 This is the difficulty that I am in in relation to this - I can see that it is a German registered aircraft, it is being operated in the UK for these purposes and it is interesting to try and understand, at least as a preliminary, why anyone thinks there is a German aspect to this, but it is because it is a German registered aircraft. 
:  So the defendants say.  The claimants' position is simply that it is irrelevant.  It is a territorial matter.  If you are in British airspace, you abide by British law 
and explain to the CAA if you fail to do so.  So, in my submission, there is no - they would need in fact to amend the District Judge's order to get in a great deal more about the German air regulations

Ex-CAA Hooligan & BAAC Balloonist have tried to trivialise safety concerns at Ashcroft

History is littered with attempts by part-timers trying to suppress genuine safety concerns
Recent events dictate that a more professional respect for Public Safety is long overdue

Allowing a LAC 2T Focke Wulf to use illegal Military Flt Manual performance data on a 500m grass Runway ending in a Public Highway is a [road] accident waiting to happen

LAC: You are put on notice that you are all liable for damages due to LAC illegal ops

  • Members of a unincorporated Club will be held liable if sufficient warning has been given
  • By supporting the Malignant Regime. Kate Howe's comments [not ours] you are all liable
  • Our public will give LAC a 'jolt' [with lightning conduit ferocity] if you all continue not to act
  • We have all been patient ..  but five years of LAC complaceny ... puts you all in jeopardy.
  • The Attorney General / CAA / Cheshire Police & Crime Comissioner are now informed
  • High Court action is now scheduled for 01 October 2015 [details to be published]

LAC: complacency on public safety issues? You are all at financial risk by the actions of the few 

  • Members of the governing bodies of clubs and other unincorporated associations should take note of a recent court decision confirming that a committee member of a rugby club could be liable to pay a club liability of £147,000 personally, or be made bankrupt. Its governing body was called the management committee.
  • One of the committee members was also the club’s president [LAC Tom Dugdale, wisely .. has resigned]
  • Members of the governing body of an unincorporated association are personally liable for any payment.
  • All members were liable. Even worse, legally the committee members were “jointly and severally” liable
  • That meant: could start bankruptcy or any other legal action against any one of them for the full amount
  • It would then be up to that committee member to recover their share from the others [the LAC Members]
  • Club members should: take legal advice before accepting office as a member of the committee or other governing body of an unincorporated association, to reduce the risk of being taken to court for payment of the association’s debts ensure that fellow committee members are aware of their potential personal liability before an unincorporated association enters into a significant contract or carries out any activity that could create a legal liability ― for example, for personal injury ― if things go wrong

long overdue welcome .. to Tony Rapson and Rob Bishton, GA CAA

Eric Mort: Please confirm that you're still in charge and regulating your 'loose cannons'
Andrew Kenneth Halvorson
[polite warning] ... you are treading on 'thin ice'

The Best Quote of the week: 
BAAC Balloonist 'Expert': "It is unlikely that there are many aviation consultants with more experience in this particular field, considering my CAA policy background" 
Lets get real ... this is the .. Navigator / Balloonist / Drone BAAC 'Expert' ... with virtually no 'hands-on' piloting experience .. [apart from Balloons] .. who has produced [quite probably] the most biased / bloated / botched (and subsequently fudged) 'professional' aviation safety report in the history of the BAAC.

Will BAAC President Lord Trefgarne agree with RJC
[after he reads our Witness Statement]

John Wheeler  ... suggest you get some [proper] legal advice. If any of our public are harmed as a result of RJC's report ... the BAAC will be answerable to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Second Best Quote of the week:
From Nigel Sleigh: "Steve, I couldn't figure out why those kids would be clowning around so close to an active Runway" ...
Nigel, it's just the Lancashire Aero Club ... being irresponsible ... again !

17:50[L] 15/07/2015
 .... 3 x LAC position themselves only 10ft from active Runway

17:53[L] 15/07/2015 .... Skranger takes off on RW31 and notices LAC near Runway 
17:54[L] 15/07/2015 .... LAC Focke Wulf blasts through Ashcroft Circuit southbound
17:54[L] 15/07/2015 .... Departing Ashcroft Syranger requires avoiding action [to right]
17:56[L] 15/07/2015 .... LAC Focke Wulf flies 32ft over our road close to 'flight stall'

When will the LAC realise that stunt flying  is no substitute for Flt Manual performance data

Eric Mort: please explain to us why your members are endangering our public [again]

Lancashire Aero Club harms our public  =  public enquiry

Richard Miller [Senior Solicitor]: "LAC is underhand and not calculated to give you confidence in the bona fides of these gentlemen in any future dealings with them. I think you were entitled to expect that all negotiations would be conducted with transparency and “cards on the table” and it appears that this expectation has been far from met"

At a Farmer's Field 'Oop North' .. the LAC safety officer needs sacking
Pilots thinking of joining a "Nowt appening" Club should perhaps click Here

It seems that some LAC have problems with their aim. Perhaps we can assist

Ian Weston (CAA ARE) Sep 2005 "These Airfield rights aren't worth the paper that they're written on". We ask Jim Ellis to be 'upfront' with his conversation with 'old school' CAA


Q. Is there anyone left in Eric's Aero Club with any .. Brio

Ashcroft-NOLAC "Twitterybook" is now online ... dont like it? .. blame the LAC


As the LAC 'Bona fide' index hits rock bottom... we join with Susan Czerski ... try our Quiz

Yes (you guessed it) these LAC belligerent claims are all ... BULLSHIT

Eric couldn't resist taking this .... SELFIE  .... before he was 'wisked away' ..

Common Sense and Best Practice approach to .... public safety

Plan to fly at 50ft above our Public Road to give adequate clearance to vehicles that are hidden from a high hedge when landing on RW27. Planning to fly over the road at 20ft is unacceptable and a breach of ANO Rule 5(3)a "Failure of a Power Unit"

After a High Court Judge recognises Ashcroft's concerns re: LAC low flying over public highways, commenting "cries out" for a proper Expert assessment, Ashcroft responds by constructing a central HD tri-video device to protect our General Public (this is in addition to the 2 cameras that  'caught'  the LAC flying over our road at 19ft 4 in)
These devices are affectionately referred to by Ashcroft (& the environs) as LAC Busters
... If the LAC continue to endanger our Public, we will contact our Member of Parliament

3. Public Safety ... Expert assessment (by a Hot Air Ballonist)
A "Top 50" London Aviation Lawyer criticised the LAC for trying to stop Expert assessment for a 2 ton aircraft that 'landed long' and crashed on a vehicle test track.

On 27.02.14 the LAC unilaterally appointed an Aviation 'Expert' (specialityBalloons! )
On a 38min tour the 'Expert' assessed our boundary road and hedge as a 'non issue'.
Despite providing the 'Expert' with photos of the hedge in the summer (twice the height and much thicker than shown below) hiding vehicles / pedestrians (the general public) from view to pilots landing on RW 27 & 30, he apparently chose to ignore these risks.
The legal issues of 'Failure of a Power unit' [ANO Rule 5 (3)a] were not considered.

Safety concerns were dismissed as 'trivia' (contradicting a High Court Judge's assessment)


5. Fly over our road 50ft minimum to comply with Rule 5(3)a

Since our road is used by the general public, appropriate aircraft performance calculations (iaw the most recent performance data) are legally required to clear this road by at least 50ft iaw ANO Rule 5(3.a) ... pertinent to Unlicensed Airfields

SSL 078(c) "You should always ensure that after applying all the relevant factors .... the Landing Distance Required (LDR) from a height of 50 feet does not exceed landing Distance Available"
In our experience, most pilots act in a responsible manner and adhere to the relevant CAA safety policy documents regarding aircraft performance and Rule 5

6. Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAA regulatory review of GA: "for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property". The UK Rules of the Air Regulations are enabled under the ANO"
Ashcroft Airfield: attempting to secure the safety of aircraft & persons carried therein [and] preventing aircraft endangering other persons & property

7. Civil Aviation Authority (UK) 
QUOTE ....Accidents such as failure to get airborne, collision with obstacles after take-off and over-run on landing occur frequently to light aeroplanes. Many have happened at short licensed runways, as well as strips, often when operating out of wind or where there was a slope. Poor surfaces, such as long or wet grass, mud or snow, were often contributory factors. Many, if not all, of these performance accidents could have been avoided if the pilots had been fully aware of the performance limitations of their aeroplanes. The pilot in command has a legal obligation under EU Part-NCO and Article 87 of the Air Navigation Order 2009, which require the pilot to check that the aeroplane will have adequate performance for the proposed flight .. UNQUOTE

8. Civil Aviation Authority (UK) 
QUOTE .... Unlicensed aerodromes and private strips are often used by pilots and private owners. They may be more convenient or cheaper than licensed aerodromes; however, they do require special consideration. Approximately one third of GA Reportable Accidents in the UK occur during take-off or landing at unlicensed aerodromes .. UNQUOTE

9. See and Avoid ... Peripheral and ... Tunnel vision
Caution: Regarding limitations of the "See-and-Avoid" Principle. Peripheral vision is reduced under conditions of high workload.

"A number of researchers have shown that peripheral stimuli are more difficult to detect when attention is focussed on a central task"

Safety Sense Leaflet 13: Collision Avoidance

"Another inherent eye problem is the narrow field of vision. Although our eyes accept light rays from an arc of nearly 200°, they are limited to a relatively narrow area (approximately 10–15°) in which they can actually focus on and classify an object. Although movement on the periphery can be perceived, we cannot identify what is happening there, and we tend not to believe what we see out of the corner of our eyes. This, aided by the brain, often leads to 'tunnel vision'.
"The pilot’s functional visual field contracts under conditions of stress or increased workload.
The resulting ‘tunnel vision’ reduces the chance that an approaching aircraft will be seen in peripheral vision" Web Site Design Company : eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions