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Ashcroft-NOLAC [a Diversion Airfield] 30 May 2015 Click on RED 

An Airfield with a responsible 'attitude' to the public .. no "hooligans" allowed.

Pilots who are (thankfully) not involved with the Lancashire Aero Club Click Here

No froth or Free Buffets.. just the facts ... we'll work hard for you  [until 01.01.2030] 
Offended by this Website? My name is Steve Billington ... send us an email

At a Farmer's Field 'Oop North' .. the LAC safety officer needs sacking
LAC have gone out of their way to legally 'butcher' our Airfield since 2010. I'm sure they won't mind if we spend the next 4 years giving them a few pointers on safety matters.
CAUTION: Wind warning for Sunday 31 May 2015 "Oop North"


LAC attempting to pervert the course of justice .. Attorney General [on schedule for June] 
LAC want to use any type of aircraft on our 500m grass Rwy ending in a road

Hopefully Andrew Haines (CAA) can bring the LAC 'up to speed' on public safety issues
before our Community are KILLED by LAC buffoonery and ex-CAA / BAAC bad apples

CAA Safety Sense Leaflet 07c
"Accidents such as failure to get airborne, collision with obstacles after take-off and over-run on landing occur frequently to light aeroplanes. Many have happened at short licensed runways, as well as strips"

Ashcroft-NOLAC makes no apology for 'plain speaking' ... public safety comes first
LAC sent us 1500 legal documents (now they'll have to endure our 1500 responses)

Eric you've ducked and dived for 5 years, meanwhile public safety has been endangered
Eric if any of your "Hotshots" endanger our Community ... they will ... shut .. you ... down

Lancashire Aero Club 'founded1922 ... Eric's Aero Club 'floundering' in 2015

Pilots who wish to join Eric's Aero Cub must comply with this application form

It's been 5 months since Eric ..  shared his wisdom .. is he still with the LAC?

Eric's Hotshots: "kills family of 4 using our Airfield boundary public road"

  • Barristers for victims seek damages from Dugdale downwards [in 'pyramid' fashion]
  • Coroner demands Witness Statements from ex-GA CAA employee + Balloonist buddy


A letter to the Attorney General concerning the LAC's attempt to "pervert the course of justice" will be published on this website in June. The LAC have shown a consistent disregard for public safety at Ashcroft [and the environs]
This direction has been indicated by the "Solicitors Regulation Authority"

Ashcroft Public quote
 "not a good time to be a Microlight Hooligan - Balloonist Expert" 

Lancashire Aero Club Heritage Society: Disconnected [the beginning of the end?]

Ashcroft-NOLAC makes no apology for 'plain speaking' ... public safety comes first

Erics Aero Club: likes ransoming and threatening airfields ... deal with this 'Raptor' first

Eric's 'Loose Cannons' multiple threats ... affect all of us at Ashcroft
Meanwhile 5 LAC public safety / legal enquiries are ongoing (or scheduled) where is Eric ?

Eric's Aero Club ... tried to take over Ashcroft on 23/11/2010 .. and then ransomed us

There are Public Safety issues at stake .. You're either "with us or against us"

Eric Mort is put on notice, regarding his responsibilities concerning the Civil Aviation Act
....... Relevant sections of the Civil Aviation Act [1982] ... 76, 77, 78, 78a and 81

The CAA's "Primary duty of care" is to the uninvolved / uninformed public ... our PUBLIC


You will never need to pay for a windsock .. [until 2030] .. we will supply them for free !
Jane Billington has constructed this MK1 "NO LAC" Windsock ....... not a bad effort !

She is so grateful to that "Hidey Hole" LAC Solicitor who has "enthusiastically" generated nearly 1,500 legal Documents [but banged out when the going got tough] to 'persuade' us to accept a 2 Ton LAC Focke Wulf [using illegal AFM data]. 

Her special thanks to: Chris Finnigan [ex-CAA, microlight pilot] who advised his Balloonist "expert" friend, that our concerns regarding LAC road overflifghts were Quote "trivia" Unquote. Chris Finnigan is now flying his Microlight [and riding his motorcycle] like a hooligan [Banbury Police NB]


Meanwhile [thankfully] in the 'real CAA world[Tony Rapson / Rob Bishton] ... we will be asking Andrew Haines [CEO] for his thoughts re: relying on unapproved AFM perf data whilst using a 500m grass runway with quite a busy road on the eastern boundary. 

A 'penny' for the LAC Chairman's thoughts ... let's not go there due to "lack of material"
If anyone else has been shafted by the Lancashire Aero Club ... we'd be glad to help you


BAAC / CAA / Legal issues concerning LAC Operations at Ashcroft continue:

  • BAAC Independent Committee expected to adjudicate on "Balloonist Report" before June
  • Public safety document to Andrew Haines postponed until the BAAC report / Lord Trefgarne
  • Complaint re LAC .. to the Attorney General [LAC legal attempting to pervert the course of justice] due June
  • Public Safety / Liability concerns will continue to be passed on to Adam Thomas Dugdale [President of LAC]


The LAC want this website to be just an 'information source for pilots' We'll revert back to that once they give assurances that they'll not endanger our public with heavy-fast aircraft over our road
Hopefully Andrew Haines can persuade Eric's bunch that Hooligan flying is not OK over our road

Lancashire Aero Club Heritage Society: Disconected [the begining of the end?]

Does anyone know ... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club?

It seems that some LAC have problems with their aim. Perhaps we can assist

We're keen to reciprocate with Oop North humour. Anyone for the Golden shot

Eric says "it's a bit quiet at the moment"  Eric, slide that earpiece switch to ON

It's the usual story ... quiet one month ... but busy the next ! 

Does anyone know ... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club ?

Does anyone know ... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club ?

For the record: Mort, Barham, Coxon, Latimer .."let their dogs loose"  on us in 2010

It's time to .... "Wake up" .... Eric

Ian Weston (CAA ARE) Sep 2005 "These Airfield rights aren't worth the paper that they're written on". We ask Jim Ellis to be 'upfront' with his conversation with 'old school' CAA


Does anyone know ... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club ?

Eric's bunch are 'ecstatic' when someone flies a 2 minute circuit but seem reluctant to comment on their own Committee 'ransoming' a local Airfield.. "Quelle surprise"


ancashire Aero Club ongoing legal irregularities now splitting into two investigations:

  • Criminal proceedings .. perverting the course of justice resulting in endangerment of the public
  • Civil proceedings ... abuse of the 'mechanism' of the legal system for the purpose of 'profit'

LAC correspondence shows that they've shown an irresponsible disregard for public safety

olicitors Regulatiion Authority acknowledges a legal issue between the LAC and Ashcroft-NOLAC
The SRA has encouraged Ashcroft to repond in a positive fashion

1.The LAC President [Dugdale] is now being informed due to the usual 'inactivity' from LAC Chairman
2.The attorney general will be informed of the LAC's Solicitor attempt to pervert the course of justice

It should be noted for the record that Eric Mort has failed to respond to all safety issues


Does anyone know
... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club ?

Does anyone know ... what is going on with .. Eric's Aero Club ?

Anyone else interested in the 'Geology of Landscape for Aviators' and stale 'Pie & Mash' ?

Q. Is there anyone left in Eric's Aero Club with any .. Brio

This page is devoted to plain speaking since our general public are at risk from the LAC

The LAC want this website to be just .. an 'information source for pilots' .. we will revert back to that
once they give assurances that they'll not endanger our public with heavy / fast aircraft over our road

Our public want to know: why is ... "the person in charge"  of the LAC .. putting them at risk

Erics Aero Club has taken corruption to a new level & is even gagging their own President
It is unlawful  to prevent the President of any organisation to comment on public safety issues

  • The LAC have "Ransomed" Ashcroft on public safety issues since November 2010
  • The LAC have tried to persuade us to forget safety concerns [sending us 1,500 legal docs]
  • The LAC have stated that Flt Manual perf data is 'voluntary' based on .. 'CAA talks'
  • The LAC have had extensive contact with C Finnigan [ex] GA Flt Ops Inspectorate 
  • C Finnigan [now ex-CAA] had supported the LAC claims and is flying like a hooligan
  • C Finnigan's Balloonist colleague has stated that public safety concerns are .. "trivia"
  • Ashcroft has been assured ..  that an independent  BAAC enquiry .. is ongoing
  • Ashcroft will be passing on public safety concerns to AH in W.S. format [due in May]
  • Re: events [24.03.2015] to what extent do the public expect us to ignore safety risks?
  • There is currently a high level enquiry ongoing re:  LAC perverting the course of justice.   (The LAC representative has deliberately withheld correspondence sent by the LBA which would inevitably affect flight safety and therefore public safety over our road. Ashcroft is supplying further evidence to the SRA on 07.04.2015  It is unacceptable ... in the light of recent events ... for the LAC to jeopardise our public in this manner)

Ashcroft-NOLAC "Twitterybook" is now online ... dont like it? .. blame the LAC


When will Tom Dugdale apologise [as LAC President on behalf of his members] for:

  • 'Ransoming' Ashcroft and sanctioning LAC profit whilst sacrificing public safety
  • Threatening to flood Ashcroft with LAC members ... if we didn't sell our Airfield
  • Endangering our public by allowing LAC a/c to fly 19'4" over our boundary road
  • Allowing LAC Rep to send us 1,500 legal documents enforce unsafe LAC ops
  • Allowing his 'loose cannons' to  fraudulently impersonate the real LAC President.
  • Allowing his legal representatives to pervert the course of justice [flt safety issues]

E Mort: you like the prestige of being LAC Chairman but avoid the responsibilities that go with the job


Is there any "Pie and Mash" left? If so .. we've 28 Bona Fide hungry aviatiors at Ashcroft
Ben Skelly not sure what Eric & Co are feeding you. Clearly  this is the main ingredient

We have until 2030 to get LAC to respect Public safety. E Mort how many weeks have you got?

LAC Committee didn't tell you that they ransomed Ashcroft [23.11.2010] .. how forgetful of them
The 'Latin speaking' representative of the Lancashire Aero Club has taken great pleasure in slicing up Ashcroft [since Dec 2010] like a hot knife through butter ... oh ... and just for good measure ... he has orchestrated  the release 1,500 legal documents.

He's currently being investigated for perverting the course of justice ..withholding flt safety documents

We note [with some interest] that "Mr Latin" has been 'strangely silent' regarding the LAC Chairman's aircraft accident at Kenyon Hall Farm Airstrip .. affecting public safety.
A clear case of .. "double standards" ... "no bona fides" ... and ... "no surprise"  

Ashcroft-NOLAC will be 'assisting' the LAC Chairman to complete his KHF AAIB report  

Liability: LAC [Committee + members] regarding  LAC Flt Ops causing injury to our Public
Ashcroft Community will be pursuing damages [and criminal prosecution] for anyone associated with LAC flight operations, causing injury or loss of life to our general public.


This extends to [ex] CAA members and certain BAAC 'Experts' who .. seem to forget ..
the fundemental principles adopted by the Civil Aviation Authority, the Air Navigation Order:
"for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property". The UK Rules of the Air Regulations are enabled under the ANO"

Don't underestimate our resolve to maintain traditional CAA public safety standards here


Like being ransomed? Taken for a ride. Shafted by shysters, then join 
Eric's Aero Club

LAC show no concern for public safety: Andrew Haines, forget the froth, listen to us in the Spring

Balloonist CAA Microlighter have tried to suppress safety concerns as 'trivia' ... Jimmy Savile?

Two enquiries are curently ongoing related to .. LAC's disregard for public safety & legal
Ashcroft-NOLAC makes no apology for plain speaking .. LAC.. don't endanger our public
What's the real reason for the LAC sending us 1449 legal documents since Dec 2010 .. ?
LAC .. 'what are you waiting for' ... listen to Kate Howe ... remove the 'Malignant regime'
If the LAC Chairman can not cope ... then maybe the LAC President needs to be involved

Why .. was the Lancashire Aero Club 'ejected' from a Church Vestry ... AMEN



Are our public reassured by comments from a [early retired] CAA Microlighter + Balloonist ... No

The CAA has now allocated professional aviators [in charge of GA] using a "proportionate risk" approach


Pilots who want to join LAC (for cheap landings) should perhaps .. reconsider

Pilots who want to "Bang out" from the LAC and join 'Bona fide' pilots click here

E Mort's patronising comments on Susan Czerski's article in the Elevator

"Susan Czerski has sent one in for publication. The one aspect that I feel about this article is very much like the newspaper industry where sensationalism is to be applauded rather than just giving the facts"
Mort, suggest you re-read her article sounds like she's got her facts straight, have you?

As the
LAC 'Bona fide' index hits rock bottom... we join with Susan Czerski ... try our Quiz

Yes (you guessed it) these LAC belligerent claims are all ... BULLSHIT

  • City Airport: beware the bona fides of this belligerent bullshitting bunch

Lancashire Aero Club Rules (when will E Mort take action on public safety issues)

Eric Mort: It would be real peachy .. if you could stop your drunken members from phoning us

    We thank the Aviation Community for their continued support ... to maintain basic public safety standards at Ashcroft [or at any other aerodrome] ... contrary to Lancashire Aero Club reckless ransom demands to operate 'any type of aircraft'  from a 500m Grass Runway with a public road on the Eastern boundary. A public safety report will be sent to Andrew Haines [CEO, CAA] on this subject in the Spring. It is our belief that the basic principles adopted by the Civil Aviation Authority are 'sacrosanct' and will override any 'transient' opinions from [ex] CAA Microlight employees [and] Balloonist 'Experts'


Eric Mort:
we will not be 'ransomed' on public safety issues by your Club..

Dear Sir: 'Wake-Up'  or  'get out' .. and let someome more responsible take charge

A formal legal assessment of the Lancashire Aero Club in Nov 2011:

I feel that the lack of frankness on the part of the LAC is underhand and not calculated to give you confidence in the bona fides of these gentlemen in any future dealings with them

Eric Mort: when are your members going to start telling the truth in legal documents? 

Eric Mort: when are you going to comply with the Court Order to 'control' your members?

We make no apologies for the plain speaking on this website:
 LAC don't damage our public

LAC: If you 'damage' members of 'our Public'   your - clubwillbesued


Eric Mort: we will not be 'ransomed' on public safety issues by your Club..

The legal responsibilty that the Civil Aviation Authority has [to protect our general public]:

"for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property". The UK Rules of the Air Regulations are enabled under the ANO"

ancashire Aero Club endangering our public:
  Witness Statement to CEO, CAA due Spring 2015

Q. What do a Microlighter & Balloonist know about a 2T a/c using a 500m RW ending in a road ?
A. "Not a lot" ... why were these 2 people ever allowed to assess public safety issues ?

Ashcroft is reassured by the Chairman of the British Association of Aviation Consultants

BAAC independent panel: investigating Ashcroft's concerns regarding our general public

WS SB-01 [30.01.2015] P2 of 13. Para 9.2 CofC 2.2: "It is staggering that a BAAC 'professional' aviation consultant believes that it was 'appropriate' to send a personal email to the Defendants Solicitor [without copying it to the other party] which was clearly intended to demean her client [myself] just 4 days prior to releasing his [first of two] 'professional' reports"


A long overdue welcome .. to Tony Rapson and Rob Bishton, GA CAA

We'd be very grateful if the LAC could refrain from damaging our public in the meantime


A premier London aviation lawyer [John Kimbell]
has these comments

"Having learned for example that the owners of the Aircraft [LAC 2 Ton Focke Wulf] were not using the Civil Flight Manual which is the only appropriate manual and were not carrying it on the Aircraft, it was it seems to me quite proper for the Defendants [Ashcroft] to prohibit the Aircraft from taking or landing off until this was remedied"

Aviation Lawyer [John Kimbell, Quadrant Chambers, London]: "You seem to me to have a strong case for having permission to serve further expert evidence. The tone and content of conclusions 4 & 5 in the report are extraordinary and sufficient in itself to call his entire report into question"

Ashcroft 'salutes' Michael Fabricant for having the brio to stand up for his beliefs

In the interests of maintaining public safety [using our Airfield boundary road]
The following excerpt by a senior member of the Lancashire Aero Club is reproduced here

.. accompanied by a Statement of Truth 05 Oct 2012   [we all trust in the bona fides  of the LAC]


"It is [my] understanding, having made extensive enquiries .... that as a matter of English Law the use of a Pilot's Operating Handbook in conducting private flying operations at an unlicensed aerodrome is QUOTE ... "voluntary"  ... UNQUOTE

It is also [my] understanding having spoken directly to the CAA about the subject that the CAA advise, if a pilot wishes to use an airfield where there is an apparent conflict between the Airfield's dimensions and the QUOTE  ..."recommendations" ... UNQUOTE in the Pilots Operating Handbook, that the pilot first rehearse his landing at an airfield of greater dimensions so as to confirm the aircraft capabilities"

The official CAA Policy on these matters is found in Safety Sense Leaflet 7c [Jan 2013]
Accidents such as failure to get airborne, collision with obstacles after take-off and over-run on landing occur frequently to light aeroplanes.

  • Who was the CAA member that gave out this controversial advice ?
  • Was this CAA advice given by a pilot with a microlight background ?
  • Was this advice given without assessing all safety issues [ie: our road] ?
  • Is this advice transitory or is it new CAA policy ... a change to SSL7 ?

These are just some of the questions to be put to Andrew Haines in the Spring

'Malignant Regime' ...........
'laughed back into the dustbin of history'      

We [+ neighbours] have been trolled, ransomed, endangered, vandalised .. thanks LAC


Morts Code Christmas S.O.S message 
.. new Committee members ignored ..

LAC can't accept they no longer run Barton.  Eric Mort refers to  our old Clubhouse 
Q. Why be a Member of the LAC?  asks Eric Isaac .. (there's a lot of Eric's in this Club)
A. For a £60 landing fee package (you get the same by being based at Barton .. but for free)

Q. How many Lanchashire Aero Club members does it take to change a 'light bulb'  ?
A. 200 members
(after 999 Committee discussions) are required to 'prop up'  any  'Eric'




Lest we forget ... on this day .. [10 Dec 2014]  3 years ago [10 Dec 2011]

  • The Lancashire Aero Club gave Ashcroft a Christmas Eve deadline of litigation.
  • The LAC Committee had resigned en masse (even the Chairman had stepped down)

The LAC ... have subsequently sent Ashcroft Airfield 1449 legal documents ...

Lancashire Aero Club ... Comments from a LAC ex-Committee Member [Kate Howe}

.. You may be aware that the existing Committee became split some time ago.
.. The majority of the Committee have been in conflict with the remaining members
.. That has never been healed and we now find ourselves in a calamitous situation.
.. The Chairman is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the Club
.. We have nothing of substance to offer new members .. the membership is dwindling
.. The Club is now in a perilous position…  we are inert ... we may not have a future.
.. It will require an extraordinary and formidable Chairperson ....who has drive & energy
.. They [he] will need tenacity, vision and brio and must possess the leadership skills
.. It will require herculean efforts to save this Club
.. I do not know if the person who possesses these unique skills …. actually exists.
.. I fear that under the current malignant regime a successful outcome is not possible

Thinking of joining this 'Malignant Regime' ? .. they would love to recruit you

Forget the LAA Rally .. visit the Lancashire Aero Club 'Pegging out Party' . Click Here
500 residents want to 'peg down' Hercules & Co ... Ashcroft has 1449 reasons to offer support



Public Safety update: If the Lancashire Aero Club continue with their reckless low flying at Ashcroft, then their 'activities' will be recorded by at least 5 high definition cameras (in the interests of public safety ... and ...  based on substantial legal advice).

The Lancashire Aero Club seem willing to adopt an irresponsible attitude of flying aircraft over our public road well below 50ft in the 55,000 kgm/sec weight/speed category, whilst clearly ignoring the legal requirement to comply with ANO 5(3)a.
Meanwhile 99% of normal Ashcroft flights operate in the more acceptable 15,000 kgm/sec category and easily comply with CAA ANO regulations.   

If we consider the risk to Public Safety to be unacceptable, then we will canvas public opinion & request an enquiry to be held
at a high level (independent of any 'transitory' CAA opinions) 
Andy Burnham has already critically commented on safety responses at another Airfield
In addition, we can ask any Constable to carry out a document check of any LAC pilots.
Everyone wants rules to be relaxed but not at the expense of increased risk to the 'uninvolved' / 'uninformed' ... 
[whatever the latest buzzword is] ... (our) general public.

Lancashire Aero Club ... don't endanger our general public ..!


UPDATE: The Lancashire Aero Club have .. Wonga'd .. Ashcroft for 4 yrs

(1) The LAC representative has sent us literally hundreds of inflammatory emails / letters ... and threats of financial loss ..... all we had to do was lower our safety standards, which would contradict established CAA policies on aircraft performance.

(2) The LAC's "Expert" report is in the process of  being formally challenged (BAAC).

(3) The LAC want to base a 2 ton Focke Wulf at Ashcroft using Military performance data

(4) This Military perf data is unapproved for use for the LAC's aircraft. In the event of a fatality on our public road, then we will join our public in pursuing manslaughter charges.

(5) The LAC Focke Wulf has already ''landed long',  crashing on Stretton Vehicle test track

(6) The LAC Chairman's 'head-in-the-sand' attitude, contradicts the role of any Chairman
His ... 'it's your problem' ... attitude was even criticised by a District Judge earlier this year.

(7) Despite a Court Order requiring a joint Expert to assess the LAC's aircraft, the Lancashire Aero Club 'short-circuited' Court proceedings on 28 Feb and appointed their own Expert, after 'high level' discussions (contrary to accepted legal practice).
(8) The LAC's expert appeared influenced by aspects outside the remit of the Court directions and subsequently had an apparent disregard for the safety of the general public, exercising their lawful right to use our road (which was our primary concern).
(9) We keep an open mind on the CAA's attitude to the risks to the general public but current CAA draft guidelines seem to be occasionally at odds with all established CAA safety documents. Despite this, the CAA have treated us with the utmost respect.
In the event of a LAC related fatal accident at Ashcroft, any 'transitory' CAA opinions will be compared with established CAA policies, Safety Sense Leaflets, AIC publications ..etc

1. Lancashire Aero Club (banned from Ashcroft until 2050 AD)

... Legal proceedings re: LAC gate damage to Ashcroft property now re-established
... Ashcroft working at a 'high level' with other disgruntled parties to ensure fair play

... Ashcroft establishing total digital vocal & video recording of LAC for legal reasons

2. Current Issues ... Public Safety
We welcome the CAA's new policy to ... "Develop and adopt an evidence and risk-based approach proportionate to the risk-appetite of participants while ensuring protection for uninformed third parties;" 
Independent assessment of public safety standards iaw a Circuit Judge comments required.

Common Sense and Best Practice approach to .... public safety
Plan to fly at 50ft above our Public Road to give adequate clearance to vehicles that are hidden from a high hedge when landing on RW27. Planning to fly over the road at 20ft is unacceptable and a breach of ANO Rule 5(3)a "Failure of a Power Unit"

After a High Court Judge recognises Ashcroft's concerns re: LAC low flying over public highways, commenting "cries out" for a proper Expert assessment, Ashcroft responds by constructing a central HD tri-video device to protect our General Public (this is in addition to the 2 cameras that  'caught'  the LAC flying over our road at 19ft 4 in)
These devices are affectionately referred to by Ashcroft (& the environs) as LAC Busters
... If the LAC continue to endanger our Public, we will contact our Member of Parliament

3. Public Safety ... Expert assessment (by a Hot Air Ballonist)
A "Top 50" London Aviation Lawyer criticised the LAC for trying to stop Expert assessment for a 2 ton aircraft that 'landed long' and crashed on a vehicle test track.

On 27.02.14 the LAC unilaterally appointed an Aviation 'Expert' (specialityBalloons! )
On a 38min tour the 'Expert' assessed our boundary road and hedge as a 'non issue'.
Despite providing the 'Expert' with photos of the hedge in the summer (twice the height and much thicker than shown below) hiding vehicles / pedestrians (the general public) from view to pilots landing on RW 27 & 30, he apparently chose to ignore these risks.
The legal issues of 'Failure of a Power unit' [ANO Rule 5 (3)a] were not considered.

Safety concerns were dismissed as 'trivia' (contradicting a High Court Judge's assessment)

Hopefully this 'Expert' is insured against liability claims from the General Public since:
Incorrect Runway distances were used for Flight Manual performance calculations.  

Safety data that he relied upon : ....

  • Was unapproved by the regulatory authority
  • Was unamended and 13 years out of date
  • Featured incorrect graphs with errors in excess of 200%
  • Had critical pages missing (including the amendment page)
  • Originated from a non-existent aviation company.  

The 'Expert' had a 'light touch' when answering questions but a 'firm grip' on his £8k fee.

 4.  Large Aeroplanes (>5,700kg) / Private Aircraft 
All pilots wishing to use Ashcroft Airfield should attempt to conform with the principles of "common-sense aircraft performance planning and normal airmanship" (which is 'highly recommended' and 'best practice' ...a benchmark of safe aircraft operations).

(a) Large Aerploanes (> 5,700kg MTOM) are obliged to comply with AFM performance
(b) Aircraft defined in the "Private" category can include a Boeing 737 or larger aircraft.

Any type of aircraft planning to use Ashcroft must be below 5,700kg MTOM and operate in a non-commercial category to comply with ICAO international aviation regulations.
Aircraft (between 1,200kg - 5,700kg MTOM) not using Ashcroft on the normal (telephone / email) PPR basis are assessed as 'high risk' to the general public using our road,  (unless 'common sense aircraft  performance planning' is observed)

In an attempt to adapt to the latest CAA policies regarding GA risk-based regulation, we will continue to assess risks to the uninvolved general public iaw recent CAA guidlines.

This offers a measure of protection to the general public exercising their lawful right to use our public road on our Eastern Airfield boundary and minimises any liabity issues by pilots not complying with UK & International Aviation Laws. 

5. Fly over our road 50ft minimum to comply with Rule 5(3)a

Since our road is used by the general public, appropriate aircraft performance calculations (iaw the most recent performance data) are legally required to clear this road by at least 50ft iaw ANO Rule 5(3.a) ... pertinent to Unlicensed Airfields

SSL 078(c) "You should always ensure that after applying all the relevant factors .... the Landing Distance Required (LDR) from a height of 50 feet does not exceed landing Distance Available"
In our experience, most pilots act in a responsible manner and adhere to the relevant CAA safety policy documents regarding aircraft performance and Rule 5

6. Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAA regulatory review of GA"for securing the safety of air navigation and the safety of aircraft and of persons and property carried therein, [and] for preventing aircraft endangering other persons and property". The UK Rules of the Air Regulations are enabled under the ANO"
Ashcroft Airfield: attempting to secure the safety of aircraft & persons carried therein [and] preventing aircraft endangering other persons & property

7. Civil Aviation Authority (UK) 
QUOTE ....Accidents such as failure to get airborne, collision with obstacles after take-off and over-run on landing occur frequently to light aeroplanes. Many have happened at short licensed runways, as well as strips, often when operating out of wind or where there was a slope. Poor surfaces, such as long or wet grass, mud or snow, were often contributory factors. Many, if not all, of these performance accidents could have been avoided if the pilots had been fully aware of the performance limitations of their aeroplanes. The pilot in command has a legal obligation under EU Part-NCO and Article 87 of the Air Navigation Order 2009, which require the pilot to check that the aeroplane will have adequate performance for the proposed flight .. UNQUOTE

8. Civil Aviation Authority (UK) 
QUOTE .... Unlicensed aerodromes and private strips are often used by pilots and private owners. They may be more convenient or cheaper than licensed aerodromes; however, they do require special consideration. Approximately one third of GA Reportable Accidents in the UK occur during take-off or landing at unlicensed aerodromes .. UNQUOTE

9. See and Avoid ... Peripheral and ... Tunnel vision
Caution: Regarding limitations of the "See-and-Avoid" Principle. Peripheral vision is reduced under conditions of high workload.

"A number of researchers have shown that peripheral stimuli are more difficult to detect when attention is focussed on a central task"

Safety Sense Leaflet 13: Collision Avoidance

"Another inherent eye problem is the narrow field of vision. Although our eyes accept light rays from an arc of nearly 200°, they are limited to a relatively narrow area (approximately 10–15°) in which they can actually focus on and classify an object. Although movement on the periphery can be perceived, we cannot identify what is happening there, and we tend not to believe what we see out of the corner of our eyes. This, aided by the brain, often leads to 'tunnel vision'.
"The pilot’s functional visual field contracts under conditions of stress or increased workload.
The resulting ‘tunnel vision’ reduces the chance that an approaching aircraft will be seen in peripheral vision"


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